As the sun sets across the peak of Firetop Mountain and readers finally discover why The Sun Went Out, we at Tin Man Towers can look back on an amazing 2016 and look forward to following some interesting new paths in 2017!


Ben Kosmina (with Triforce) moved on to pastures new in December after three and a half amazing years at TMG.

Sadly we said goodbye to Kamina and Ben this year, who gathered their backpacks, stocked their provisions and ventured forth on to new quests. We will miss them both but look forward to hearing about their legendary adventures, building Mountains and becoming Mighty heroes! We were also blessed this year as we were able to work with some wonderful new Tin Minions – artists, writers, musicians, programmers and more. We couldn’t make the games in the ways that we want to without their unique talents, so we thank them all and hopefully look forward to working with them again in the future. We also have some new minions sharpening their blades to join us in 2017 for new adventures, which we’re all very excited about.

So what quests will we very venturing on next? Zagor will be continuing to assert his evil influence in The Warlock of Firetop Mountain with two new downloadable updates for PC, Mac and Linux, that will see new adventurers enter the fray, following new quests and unlocking new, as-yet unexplored parts of the mountain. We will also bringing the mountain to new digital platforms in 2017, so new adventurers can take up the challenge. We’ve already announced that the game will be coming to iPhone and iPad (and looking great), but if you’re not an iOS user you can console yourself that it may be appearing on some other platforms too!

(Edit: Also be on the look out for a classic version of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain in our old engine, hitting smart phones and tablets in 2017!)


An early development build of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain running on an iPhone!

Our weekly interactive fiction saga, Choices: And The Sun Went Out, finally ended after 13 months this week. We’ve already had some pretty powerful responses from readers:

Bravo. Simply Amazing. Thank You Thank you so much Tin Man Games. “And The Sun Went Out” is THE best interactive novel I have read. The characters, the emotional bond with them is phenomenal. The plot is really nice and the execution was well kept. I would like for you to make another story, with an interesting plotline and a kickass character like Moti! Thank you again! Keep up the great work.

Amazing journey I just finished ‘and the sun went out’ and I’m crying. What an amazing journey! I can’t wait to start over and try other choices!

And The Sun Went Out is by far our largest text-choice-based adventure game, coming in at over 600,000 words. The writing and editing team have done an incredible job designing the multiple story paths and plots to create an absorbing interactive story that we hope will become a major landmark in interactive fiction. We hope to lift Moti from iOS and Android next year and bring it to desktop computers too!

If that storyline has wetted your appetite, Choices: And Their Souls Were Eaten (available from the same app), is already hitting its stride, almost reaching the end of Arc 4 already. “Travel across a steampunk 1830s Europe, where metal is magical, giving powers to those who wear it. Learn more about your ancient gift and what it means for you, your family, and humanity. Uncover the nefarious plot to destroy all life… and fight against time to stop your enemy from destroying everything you hold dear.”

We also have plans to start a third story in early 2017, with a fourth arriving to the app later in the year. If you’re a fan of Choices, there’s a lot to stick around for! You can purchase subscriptions on iOS, or story passes/choice tokens on Android.


The many faces of Moti, your AI companion in And The Sun Went Out.

2017 will also see the debut of a new style of Tin Man Games adventure in the form of a visual novel! If you’ve ever loved games like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, then you may want to cast a glance at our upcoming game, Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze. Playing the venerable Phryne Fisher in 1920s Melbourne, you must investigate a number of key murders across a number of episodes, which culminate in a larger series narrative arc. The game is based on the TV show, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (that is also based on a series of novels), which ran for 3 seasons (available on Netflix and various TV networks) and soon to be turned into movies.

The decision to move Miss Fisher into visual novels was simple – the outfits! The TV show has always boasted great fashions as well as beautiful art deco inspired backdrops, so it made sense to make the adventure game more visual. We want fans of the books and the show to feel like they are inhabiting Phryne’s world and simply put, we also wanted to make a really gorgeous looking visual novel! We’re confident that the marriage of the two will please both demographics and we hope that this series will be the first of many journeys into this genre of game.


Phryne and Jack need to get to the bottom of another ghastly murder!

And finally, we have another couple of announcements for 2017 that we sadly cannot talk about too much just yet. What we can say is that one of the projects will be very familiar to those long-time TMG fans that have followed this blog over the years. While we haven’t always come through to develop all of the projects that we have promised (for a variety of business reasons), the ones that do fall by the wayside do not end up there because we don’t love them. In most cases, we’re really disappointed not to work on them. So if the opportunity arises where it we can pick them up again, then we will with gusto. This  is one of those!

The other project is quite frankly, huge. It’s so big in fact that we’ve already been working hard on it for a number of months and have teamed up with another Melbourne based dev team to bring about its creation. It started off as a crazy idea, which was then pitched to a number of interested parties, and subsequently picked up by one of those parties. Speed forward a few months and we’re knee-deep in something rather grand and very exciting that not only changes our adventure path but places us in a whole new reality! We’ll reveal more news as and when we can.

And finally…


We just want to say goodbye to one of our digital gamebooks that we hold dear to our hearts. Sadly we will be removing Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 from sale in the next few weeks. The license has expired and the licensors have chosen not to renew. So, if you want to journey into Mega-City One as the fearsome Dredd, then grab it now before it’s too late. It’s currently available to buy at a greatly reduced price on Google Play, App Store and Steam (along with lots of other TMG games). Neil is also currently tweeting some of the lovely illustrations from the gamebook on his twitter using the hastag #ByeDredd106.

HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us @ Tin Man Games!


The Warlock of Firetop Mountain IS HERE!


The Warlock of Firetop Mountain has now been out in the wild for a whole week! We can hardly believe that the game we have been working so hard on for the last two years, is now being played by thousands of players across the world.

Steam Download Here!

DRM-Free Humble Download Here!


It’s been an insanely busy release week as the team has been literally split down the middle. On the very morning of release on Steam, Ben and Clinton caught a flight from Melbourne to Seattle and spent four manic days showing Warlock off to the excited crowds. Lots of gamers passed by the booth and made a visit to Firetop Mountain. Fighting Fantasy isn’t as well known in the U.S. as it is in the UK, Europe and Australia, but the American players fell in love with Allansia – the reception has was immensely positive!


The other half of the team have been busy in the office, dealing with customer support and a range of bug fixes that generally accompany a big game release. Despite all the testing that we did prior to release, there were still a couple of rough edges in a few places. Many of you encountered a nasty ‘Resume Game’ bug that corrupted save games and we also had an issue with Souls not unlocking new characters on some computers. Those bugs and a few other minor issues have now been resolved with a number of updates, so please make sure you download the latest version from Humble and Steam. Thank you to everyone that messaged us with detailed descriptions of any problems you were having and thank you for your patience and understanding while we investigated the problems and instigated the fixes!

Please contact us if you encounter any more issues and we’ll look into them immediately!



Some great reviews have appeared online over the last week from many of the gaming outlets. Youtubers and Twitchers have also been busily streaming play-throughs and on the whole the response has been overwhelmingly positive! Here are some of the highlights…

“I can speak on behalf of Fighting Fantasy fans everywhere when I say that this is, to date, the most enjoyable and definitive adaptation of the gamebook” – Game Cynic – 8.3/10

“It’s absolutely delightful…” – PCWorld – 4/5

“…amazingly beautiful, fun and totally addictive. You can feel the love and soul of this game…” – Sticky Trigger – 8.6/10

“It is THE closest experience to playing a table top RPG without actually sitting across a table with my buddies.” – Blaise Plays

“If you’re a fan of fantasy roleplaying, tabletop games, or choose-your-own-adventure stories, you will love The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. It’s nostalgic, but updated sufficiently so that it will appeal to those who have no background with the old Fighting Fantasy series. The puzzles and stories are engaging, the combat is fun, and you’ll find yourself playing far longer than you intended as you choose “just one more” junction to find what waits around the next turn.” – GeekDad



We’ve also had an incredible response by players on Steam and at the time of typing this, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain has 68 reviews with a 94% positive rating. Steam auto-updated our review status from Positive to Very Positive!

If you’ve left us a user review over the last few days, thank you so much! If you’re playing the game on Steam and enjoying it, please consider leaving the game a review. Reviews are key to pulling in gamers that may be on the fence about the game, especially those that have never heard of a gamebook before!

You can also help spread the word by Sharing our Facebook and Twitter posts:




We’ve had a few enquiries about the reasons why there was no DLC at launch, as stated in the original Kickstarter. There are a bunch of reasons for this and you can get all the information about that over on the Warlock Steam forum:


Rest assured DLC is coming and not only that, there will be FREE updates to the game in the coming months, with brand new heroes, quests and some new areas to explore! At the request of forum posters too, we are also looking into the possibility of adding in a feature that highlights completed quests as well as a possible creature collection.

We also couldn’t get the Linux version fully completed and tested for launch, so if you are a Linux user, we apologise and we are working on that over the next few weeks!

You’ll also be interested to know that we’ve started work on the iOS version of the game too and will be looking to release that, either later on this year or early 2017. We are still unsure at this stage whether an Android version is on the cards, but we’ll keep you all informed as to our plans with that version.



What comes after The Warlock of Firetop Mountain depends solely on the success of this game. If it sells well, then the sky is the limit in terms of adapting more Fighting Fantasy gamebooks in this style and evolving it even further. If you want to see more then please share your love for the game across as many channels as possible!

A massive thanks to all of our Kickstarter Backers who helped make this game happen, and to everyone else who has supported us on our journey. It’s been incredibly rewarding adapting the grand-daddy of all fantasy gamebooks and we hope we can do more in the future.



The Warlock of Firetop Mountain is almost here!

Released at the end of August 2016!

Steam Link!


It’s cold in Melbourne. Seriously. The good thing is we’ve been keeping warm in Tin Man Towers working our socks off on The Warlock of Firetop Mountain amongst other things. So where are we at? What’s the news? Let’s do this thing…

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

Let’s start off with our epic re-imagining of Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson’s very first Fighting Fantasy gamebook shall we?


If you’ve been following this project over the last year via our Kickstarter updates, you will know that we’re running a few months behind schedule but the game (or digital gamebook – depending on where you draw that line) is looking and playing great – so well worth it! We’ve now created over 100 3D figurines of heroes and monsters, which has only been possible with the extra hit of cash from our Kickstarter campaign. Some of these have been via 3D scanning in figs from Otherworld Miniatures and painting them up, but many have also been brand new 3D builds, as we felt we wanted some of the more identifiable characters from Firetop Mountain to actually look like their Russ Nicholson illustrated versions.


TMG’s chief combat designer is working hard at the moment implementing GridBluff, our new simultaneous turn-based combat system throughout Firetop Mountain. This is one of the big departures for our new digital gamebook system and places your hero figurine a center of the action. It uses a variety of attack patterns individually suited to each character, having you anticipate the moves of your opponents as you hack and slash your way around a scalable battlefield. We’re going to post a big update about our combat system on the Kickstarter page in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that! And for those who are worried about dice not being there, we have implemented them too, in slightly different way.


Apart from fixing the hundreds of bugs that crop up in game development, we’re also currently adding in lots of new content for each of the adventurers that are selectable at the beginning of the game. This means as well as expanding the original adventure beyond its original 400 sections, we are also tailoring each read-through so that with each character’s wanderings they experience elements of Firetop Mountain differently, especially in relation to their own personal quests. Our chief environment artist has almost built every section of the mountain too and designed the system such that all the pieces slot together as you move around. We’re also adding in a funky lighting system with depth of field to make the sets look like miniatures, while maintaining an eerie feel to rooms and passageways. The pieces don’t just build out horizontally across a virtual table, but they are also built vertically, as is the case when you enter the Domain of the Dead!

We’re hoping for a release of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain around August time on Steam. We’ll then start looking at getting a version working for smartphones and tablets.

No More Legacy of Dorn (SADFACE)

We’ve had a few Tin Man Games fans asking about the two sequels that we promised to last year’s Legacy of Dorn: Herald of Oblivion. Sadly we’ve had to put these on hiatus because sales numbers of the first digital gamebook were not as high as we had hoped. Obviously we’re quite disappointed with this outcome as we absolutely loved working within the Warhammer 40,000 universe and Jonathan Green was keen to write the sequels.


Sometimes in this business the projects that you pour your heart into and derive a lot of professional pleasure from are not always the ones that work out from a business point of view. Games Workshop were absolutely fantastic to work, being very supportive at all times and hopefully we’ll get to work with them again in the future!

Thankfully the first gamebook does play on its own as a stand-alone title, so if you’ve not played it yet then wander over to our Gamebook Adventures page and check it out!

New Pricing Structures for Mobile Gamebook Adventures and Fighting Fantasy

With the impending arrival of our new digital gamebook system (starting with The Warlock of Firetop Mountain) we’ve revised our prices for our apps across the iOS App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore.


You can now buy a Gamebook Adventures app for around $1.99 USD and a Fighting Fantasy app for around $2.99 USD. We’ve also adjusted the prices of many of our other apps too so have a check out our Gamebook Adventures site for a full breakdown.

Zombocalypse Now removed from sale

zn_208xSadly our deal with Matt Youngmark of Chooseomatic Books has come to an end that means we have had to remove the app from sale across all marketplaces. Matt has new plans for the series in a digital format and we wish him all the best for the future! If you own the app, we would very much recommend that you make a back-up or you might not be able to re-download it at a later date.

iPhone/iPad apps missing music on devices using iOS9

A few months ago we received reports of some of our titles not working as intended on iPhones and iPads with iOS9 installed. The main complaint has been the loss of music and the intro not starting correctly. This is due to a number of factors that are legacy from our older GA engine, being built using older versions of Unity. The team spent a few weeks fixing some of the apps, most notably most of the FF apps, but were not able to attend to all of these before we hit a busy period of work on Warlock. Therefore a handful of our apps may have sound errors and we humbly apologise. With a small team and so many apps, an operating system update is always a tricky time to negotiate as things invariably break. We will look to address these immediately once Warlock development is completed.

As a side-note to this we have removed Trial of the Clone from sale on the App Store until this is fixed, as Wil Wheaton’s voiceover no longer works.

Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze Update!

It’s not just that pesky Warlock that is consuming our time at the moment as we’re also working hard on our new visual novel adventure game based on TV’s Miss Fisher. We’ve had an incredible response to our online announcements to this game can’t wait to unleash it on to the world. It’s a bold new direction for us, not only artistically but in the way we are presenting the adventure story and incorporating the choice-based narrative. We’re breaking up the game into Episodes and hope to release Episode 1 on to the App Store soon! Find out more on the our Miss Fisher Gamebook Adventures page!


Remember you can follow our antics via on Facebook via our TMG page, on Twitter via @TinManNeil and @TinManGamebooks, and on our Warlock Kickstarter page!


Sales Galore!

Hello! Lots of our digital gamebooks are on SALE right now across a few platforms. Go check ’em out!




Lots and lot so Games Workshop iOS titles are currently around 50% OFF, including our very own Legacy of Dorn: Herald of Oblivion!

Games Workshop Digital Assault App Store page link

Legacy of Dorn: Herald of Oblivion App Store page link




It’s currently the Humble Store’s Spring Sale which means a bunch of our titles have been put on SALE up to 80% off their original price! Pay one price and get DRM Free versions of the games that play on PC, Mac, Linux or Android. Highlights include our Gamebook Adventures series at 80% OFF and our Fighting Fantasy titles at 66% OFF. Ryan North’s To Be or Not To Be also at a 66% reduction!

Humble Store Spring Sale Tin Man Games page


Gosh, we’re motoring through 2016 at an incredible speed! It’s been sometime since our last blog post and hopefully you’ll forgive us for not posting as things have been incredibly busy on multiple fronts. We also unashamedly use our Facebook page, Twitter and Warlock Kickstarter page as a bit of a launching pad for most our news these days as, well, it’s easier to do this amidst the carnage of ongoing game development. Having said that we felt it was about time we gave the blog a bit of love and give you a rundown of all the exciting developments that have been happening in Tin Man Towers as well as some news about what’s around the corner!


Team_photo2The Kickstarter for The Warlock of Firetop Mountain ended on November 30th last year and we successfully raised $54,676 (Australian Dollars) with over 1,257 of you backing the campaign via the KS page. In truth we made a little more than that as there were also some Paypal donations that dropped in. So thank you so much if you pledged!

balrumWe’ve already sent out many of the backer rewards and are working on delivering the last few over the next couple of months. Briefs are currently being sent out to backers who pledged to design characters, rooms and new death endings – we’ve already had some brilliant ideas filtering through. Russ Nicholson is also busy working on some new illustrations for the gamebook and is designing a brand new inhabitant of Firetop Mountain – The Soulkeeper! We recently ran a poll via our facebook page that asked voters to pick their favourite name from five options. We can now announce the final chosen name is ORIANA!

Soon you’ll find out more about Oriana’s impact in Firetop Mountain and generally how the development of Warlock is going by wandering over to our Kickstarter updates.We’ve already posted info about our awesome new 3D mapping system and the new digital miniatures that some of the Kickstarter money is being used to fund. We’ll continue adding regular updates as we go along and currently our plan is to release on Steam around mid-May.

There is a lot of work between now and then however so excuse us as we knuckle-down to make The Warlock of Firetop Mountain the best it can be!



Choices_01November 2015 also saw another big moment for TMG as we released only our second free-to-download app on the App Store (the first being Infinite Universe about 4 years ago that was turned into a premium app a few months later). It is also the first time we have offered a subscription-based model so that readers can continuously be involved in the adventure with a weekly update.

Choices: And The Sun Went Out is about as far removed, in terms of choice-based narrative delivery, from Warlock as you can get. We decided to keep the structure a lot lighter within the interactive narrative by making the story purely driven by choices, so not including any form of “gamebook” structure like combat or a complex inventory system. watchThis is so we could craft a vast story that was purely dictated by the choices that reader makes. We also decided to make the app compatible with the Apple Watch and were keen to break the fourth wall by allowing Moti, your AI companion in the adventure, to converse with you via the watch in much the same way as it does in-game. The watch isn’t required to play the adventure but if you have a watch it certainly adds to the immersion!

We have lots of plans for Choices in the coming months and so far the subscription model is working well. We think it’s pretty cheap too to get involved with the story – $1 per month, $2 per quarter or $3 for a 6 month subscription. We have a great writing team consisting of our very own KG Tan and new Tin Minions, Alyce Potter and Felicity Banks (winner of the 2015 Windhammer Prize for Short Gamebook Fiction), who will be taking the story to it’s conclusion at the back end of this year. For anyone concerned about how the end affects our subscription model, then you’ll be pleased to know that we have a whole new story kicking off within the app around May/June.

If you haven’t experienced Choices on your iOS device yet then download the first free Arc right here! An Android version is coming soon.


At the back-end of 2015 we received a few lovely awards that made us all smile A LOT!

CSZeWcLUcAAdL-Q.jpg largeFirstly, Ryan North’s To Be or Not To Be won the Accessibility Award at the Australian Game Awards, held here in Melbourne during International Games Week. We were all suited and booted to receive the award and a good night was had all round (as I’m sure you can imagine!). This was the second year that we have won the award and we are really keen to keep looking to make our games more accessible in the future. Up until now, implementing VoiceOver support has been tricky and cost-prohibitive for us because of the way we develop our apps. While this is still the case, their have been advancements and for the first time this year we will be looking to add this feature to new titles we release, which is so important for visually-impaired gamers.

Keeping with To Be or Not To Be, our second award that blew us away was that the game was chosen as one of TIME Magazine’s Top 10 Games of 2015. Yes, THAT TIME Magazine! This came completely out of the blue and we’re still a bit in shock. To Be was included on a few “Best Of…” lists over the web, but this is the one the broke us out of our usual gaming niche and into a wider mainstream audience. 😀

Thirdly, we were over the moon upon release of Choices: And The Sun Went Out to receive a banner feature on the Australian App Store. This really helped kick-start our initial user base of the free app. What was even more exciting was that the US App Store then chose Choices: ATSWO as one of their Best of 2015 in the Apple Watch category!


Finally the icing on the cake for 2015 wasn’t an award for one of our games, but actually for Tin Man Games. Pocket Tactics awarded us “Creator of the Year” based on the titles we released during 2015 and the upcoming titles in production. Thank you Pocket Tactics! Looking back on the 2015 it’s safe to say we have broken out of our comfort zone in terms of game design and gone beyond the humble paperback gamebook in so many ways. We will strive to continue in this fashion, which brings us nicely on to…


We’ve announced lots of projects over the years, some of which have come to fruition and some that have sadly fallen by the wayside. One of those “will they, won’t they” projects has been Herbie Brennan’s GrailQuest series. We’ve started this project more times than we care to remember and then had to lay it to one side for a variety of business reasons. Well, we can safely say we’re back on the Arthurian Grail Rail and have recently commissioned some new artwork for the apps that we will reveal very soon! We won’t be presenting the book in the same way as we’ve done with our digital gamebooks in the past, so expect a much more art-heavy approach to the narrative storytelling. Let’s just say that the whole project is a lot of fun and Merlin is looking great – “Sit still. And don’t fidget!”


And finally, if you follow us closely on social media you will know that we have signed up the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries license, and with funding from Film Victoria, currently developing an adventure game based on the hit 3-season TV show called Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze. We are working closely with Every Cloud Productions, who produced the show, and have hired writer, Luke Miller (known for My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant), to write a choice-based interactive narrative that we will be using within our new visual novel-styled interface. We don’t want to reveal too much just yet, but fans of the show are in for a real visual treat!



Hi, this is Neil! I’m currently sat in a small room just off the show floor at PAX Australia tapping away on my keyboard to bring you some awesome news. It’s crazy out there! We’re showing off The Warlock of Firetop Mountain to the masses of Australian gamers that are attending the Penny Arcade Expo over the next few days. Even Snake just popped by to kick some orc ass!


So what’s the awesome news? Well, I’m really proud to announce that our Kickstarter for The Warlock of Firetop Mountain went live this morning. The team have worked really hard to put this together (especially Kamina – big hugs!) and we’re really excited to unleash it into the wilds of Allansia. I think we’ve come up with some great backer rewards so that YOU can become part of the new look digital Fighting Fantasy universe. We would love you to check out the page and please consider sharing the news around your social interwebzy networks. #WarlockKS

Warlock_KickstarterThe Warlock of Firetop Mountain Kickstarter link!


Hail fellow digital gamebook fans and well met to all wanderers that happen upon the Tin Man Games blog! It’s been an incredibly busy September, and October is quickly turning into a MASSIVE month for us down under at Tin Man Towers. Here’s what we’ve been up to and what is in store for the Winterfylleth!

Gamebook Adventures 11 and 12 released on iOS and Android!


In February 2010 we released our very first digital gamebook app on to the App Store. As many of you may know, An Assassin in Orlandes, was the start of a epic series of gamebooks set in the land of Orlandes and along with The Siege of the Necromancer was the platform on which Tin Man Games was built. Therefore it is with immense pride that we have released Gamebook Adventures 11 and 12, Songs of the Mystics and Asuria Awakens, on to the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore. We made it to 12 titles! (okay – so not quite as many as Fighting Fantasy or Lone Wolf, but still pretty good hey!?)

Written by the very talented Kieran Coghlan and Stuart Lloyd, you can find out more about both titles by clicking their respective links above or the links over on the right. If you’re an iOS user you may also be interested to know that both titles have been bundled up with Lords of Nurroth too, to create the Gamebook Adventures Collected Bundle 4, which essentially gets you 3 digital gamebooks for the price of 2.

Legacy of Dorn: Herald of Oblivion is nearing release!

combat_canoptekwraith1_768_1024On October 15th our very first Warhammer 40,000 licensed digital gamebook, Herald of Oblivion, will be hitting the iOS App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

We’ve taken Jonathan Green’s epic tale about Brother Nabor of the Imperial Fists Chapter and thrown it into a Tin Man spin, turning your digital device into cogitator complete with a holographic combat simulator. This new feature removes the dice-rolling elements of the original Black Library/Games Workshop print book and turns them into a turn-based, first-person combat scenario, where your placement in the battle arena (4-axis movement), weapon choice (ranged or melee) and the decisions of the enemies can impact the outcome of the fight. This is a completely new departure for us but one which we felt would really enhance the experience of battling the denizens of a space hulk. We’re really pleased with how it turned out and hope to expand on it for future Warhammer 40k titles!

Melbourne International Games Week!

From the 23rd October to 1st November, Australian gamers, developers and press will be descending on Melbourne for the International Games Week. We’ll be taking part this year in a variety of ways, most notably at our local developer conference, Games Connect Asia Pacific, and the massively awesome consumer show, PAX Australia, which is held just up the road from us here at Tin Man Towers. During PAX we’ll be showing off Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain for the very first time and inviting attendees to play it at our booth, using game controllers. Yes, game controllers!

You can find out more about Games Week here…

And Finally…


Over the last 12 months we have been developing a brand new Gamebook Adventures Engine. Some of the roots of the engine can be seen in Appointment with FEAR and To Be or Not To Be and it’s almost time to properly unveil our very first release using the new engine, the grand-daddy of all fantasy gamebooks, Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. But we (and Zagor) need your help! While development has been progressing really well, we have come to realise that we need more art for the gamebook. Why more art for a text-based adventure book you say? Well, that’s because we’ve taken the map for Firetop Mountain into the tabletop realm, complete with digital miniatures and a brand new miniatures based combat system. It’s still the gamebook we all know and love, but taken in a sparkly new digital direction!

We’ll have more news on the Kickstarter in the coming weeks. There will be lots of amazing opportunities to be involved with the development of this new chapter for Tin Man Games and the Fighting Fantasy series.


Warhammer 40K!

HOB_twitter_bannerWe’ve been a little quiet of late on our blog and we sincerely apologise. This is for good reason though as we’ve been insanely busy these last few months, not only finalising our next two Gamebook Adventures titles, Songs of the Mystics and Asuria Awakens, working hard on our next Fighting Fantasy installment, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, but we have also been developing a brand new digital gamebook set within Games Workshop‘s Warhammer 40,000 universe!!GW_transpWe finally announced Legacy of Dorn: Herald of Oblivion yesterday and as you can imagine we’re super excited! It’s also great to be able to talk about it publicly as we have been beavering away in secret for the last six months on the project. If you’re a regular follower of TMG you’ll know that we normally announce things as we sign them or release them, but for this release we had to be secret squirrels so we could announce it as close to launch as possible (end of September 2015). Somehow we managed that!

If you want read our official press release for the announcement, you can find that here. We also have a presskit page set up here which includes screenshots. We’ll be updating this as we have more announcements closer to release time. We also have an entry with more info on our Gamebook Adventures website.

So far we’ve had some great coverage from Touch Arcade, Pocket Gamer, Gamezebo, Starburst and Droid Gamers amongst others. The reception has been fantastic and we can’t wait to unleash it on to iOS, Android and later this year, PC, Mac and Linux!


Travelling Onto Steam!

Exciting news! We’re pleased to announce that Steve Jackson’s Starship Traveller is now available for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam! Get it here:

On its original release for iPhone, iPad and Android, Pocketgamer had this to say:

“The original gamebook has been beautifully revived, and now stands shoulder-to-shoulder with its sci-fi peers across all entertainment media.”

Scoring the game 9 out of 10 and earning us a Pocketgamer Gold Award! We’re very proud of Starship Traveller, and we hope that even more players get to enjoy Steve Jackson’s classic adventure.