It’s finally here! Not only is Gamebook Adventures 4: Revenant Rising now available on the App Store, but all four of our Gamebook Adventures titles are now available as universal iPad versions. What does that mean if you already own the iPhone and iPod Touch versions? Well, it means if you own an iPad you get them for FREE!

We’ve been banging on for a number of months about wanting to take time and not simply rush out a quick iPhone port. So what is so special about the Gamebook Adventures iPad? Here’s the three major features:

– You can now read your gamebook either landscape or portrait. In landscape mode the gamebook conveniently provides both a left and right page and auto-fits all the text, images and links. If the iPad is rotated, the two pages turn to a one page layout (as the iPhone) and all the text, images and links are re-ordered automatically for you. It’s also worth noting that you can rotate the iPad almost anywhere in the gamebook, even during battles and on the main menu screen.

– One of the biggest changes is that you can now enter dice battles, fitness checks and random roll checks whilst still displaying the pages that you were reading! This offers you a complete sense of immersion in the gamebook reading/playing experience just as it would be if you had a real paperback, a pencil and some dice in front of you. The dice will now bounce around on top of the book pages and you can still give the dice a little flick by moving the iPad back and forth.

– To add extra immersion we have also overlaid the inventory character sheet on top of the gamebook you are reading. At any time during your reading, you can quickly access this and move it up and down the screen depending on how many items or knowledge you have on your inventory sheet. Again, we feel this will add extra immersion into the gamebook and give you a easy option of checking how many potions of healing you have left! Finally, we have also added a new way of bookmarking and accessing pre-laid bookmarks easily without always needing to visit the inventory sheet.

One other change worth noting (which also turns up in the iPhone and iPod Touch versions) are the subtle changes to the battle rules, which helps with scaling and shortens some of the harder battles that you may face. You can read more about those changes here.

Overall we feel that the Gamebook Adventures iPad changes will give owners of the device a really unique interactive reading experience. With the advent of the tablet, the way consumers view e-books is currently changing. As a standard bearer for interactive fiction, we feel it is important that we push the boundaries as much as possible and as early as possible in the hope, that in some way we help make the future of both the e-book and the adventure gamebook as bright as possible!

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