If you have been following Gamebook Adventures or Tin Man Games at all then you will already know that we just had a huge release this week. All three existing books were updated for iPad, and our new fourth book, Revenant Rising was simultaneously released. All four books are universal, so no need to worry about which version you have, and if you already had our three previous books, then you get the iPad update for free!

We have been pushing really hard to get all this stuff out the door, and a big part of that push has been a renewed focus on the marketing side of things. We are game developers, and our marketing-fu is still a bit weak. However, our good friend Michael Woods from Media Saints here in Melbourne has been giving us some invaluable advice. With his help we managed to sit relatively still for a couple of days in their High Street studios to shoot a whole bunch of footage, which will all eventually get put into something 🙂

We shot more than two full hours of raw footage of Neil and I rambling on about Gamebook Adventures and other things. The eventual goal is to get most of it edited into some micro-documentaries so that you guys can get to know us better and get to hear some of the history and processes behind the Gamebooks.

This first video is a quick intro into gamebooks with a focus on introducing the iPad versions. This is the kind of thing that I show people when they ask me what I do.

Oh! You develop interactive gamebooks, how nice… erm… what is an interactive gamebook?

Now I can just show them this video and it is so much easier 🙂 This video is also a nice introduction to Neil and I. You can get a tiny glimpse at who we are and why we love making gamebooks.

So if you have friends who you think would like the GA series, pass along this video and maybe we can add a few more fans!

We have another video up as well, this one is a bit more whimsical. I will let you see for yourself 🙂


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  1. You guys are nerds! BUT, I LOVE NERDS!! : ) Now, I best get me an Ipad, eh Ben??? heeeheeee Glad to see you and your goofy face are doing well! Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks Andrea!

    One of these days I will actually make it back to Denver and come visit 🙂

    Say hi to everyone for me!

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