Time is marching on! Is it really the end of January already? With the first month nearly out of the way we’d like to announce our next two Gamebook Adventures titles. It’s time to return again to the fantasy setting of Orlandes with our forthcoming releases of Gamebook Adventures 5: Catacombs of the Undercity and Gamebook Adventures 6: The Wizard from Tarnath Tor!

GA5: “Captured by one of Orlandes City’s most infamous brotherhoods, the Red Hand Guild, you are thrown to the mercy of the subterranean world deep beneath the streets of the great capital. Wading through the sewers and other dark menacing places, your goal is to reach Undercity, the City beneath the City! Only there can you find the help you need to escape this underground horror and bring down the dark brotherhood from within.”

GA6: “Two hundred years ago, the legendary City of Tarnath Tor was destroyed as it’s defenders, the mighty wizards valiantly tried to repel an orcun horde. Now just a place set within stories and myths, it has been lost to the outside world. A chance encounter with one who claims to be a time traveller  sends you on a mission to recover some magical artifacts. This search will lead you to great ruins and the dark forces who have made it their home. Who is this wizard from Tarnath Tor and how can you trust him?”

We’re hoping to submit GA5 to Apple during February (available to download March) and GA6 during March (available to download April). Both will be available on iPhone, iPod Touch and universally on iPad. We’ll be updating more about the gamebooks on this blog as the weeks unfold. Stay tuned!

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  2. I’ve heard good things about these gamebooks and really want to buy (particularly Catacombs of the Undercity), but I don’t have any Apple devices and won’t be buying any in the future. Are there any plans to release your range of gamebooks in PDF format – surely there is a big PC/Linux/e-reader market that you are missing out on by publishing Apple-only?

  3. Hey Jiminy,

    The books are more than just choose-your-own-adventure and so require an active platform (so straight up ebook readers are not quite enough) However, fear not, we are most definitely not planning to limit ourselves to the Apple platforms.

    At the moment the iDevices have the lowest barrier of entry for development with the largest receptive market. I touched on most of the main mobile platforms a bit in this post: http://tinmangames.com.au/blog/?p=977

    Give us a few more months and we will hopefully be announcing some more platforms 🙂


  4. Cool. Thanks for the info – very interesting. If you release a version that can run on a Windows or Linux PC via an emulator, then I’ll be really happy and you’ll have an instant sale!

  5. i wish you guys could release an android version…
    i myself got an android tablet… =)

  6. It *could* be on the cards this year. We’re only a small team with limited resources and producing android versions at the moment would not be cost-effective. It is high on our wishlist though! 🙂