If you’ve been playing Gamebook Adventures over the past year you’ll most likely have had a look at the map that is available from the main menu of all four gamebooks. Up until now we’ve only shown a map of Orlandes in GA1, GA2 and GA4 and a map of Rema in GA3 and we’ve never had those two maps together….until now that is. Not only that but there has been a pretty big blank area to the right of Orlandes called “Drymar” which has been begging for some added detail. Well, we proudly reveal the complete Orlandes, Drymar and Rema map which will be updated into all our current GA titles as well as appearing in Gamebook Adventures 5: Catacombs of the Undercity and Gamebook Adventures 6: The Wizard from Tarnath Tor!

click on the image to get a higher resoultion version

click on the image to get a higher resolution version

If you have not played GA3 yet, then the vast expanse of land to the south of Orlandes will be new to you and is known as “The Great Empire of Rema”. While not strictly an Empire at all these days (it’s just a name that has stuck with those in the north), Rema is vast continent made up of various regions. These regions comprise of many varying environments and peoples that have made their home there, such as the warring City-States of Acoleii and Palaxium to the north, the vast desert wastes of Nebia and Nopbukar to the south, the tropical jungles of Tezombia to west and the nomadic desert tribes that make up the United Emirates of Akbir in the north-east. Rema is definitely an interesting place and somewhere which we’ll be returning to in future editions of Gamebook Adventures.

As for the Kingdom of Drymar, well anyone who knows Orlandrian history will tell you that Drymar as a governed land has been around a lot longer than Orlandes. In fact the original Duke of Orlandes,  was given the land around Orlandes City as a gift by the ruling queen of Drymar in the Dawn Year of  502.  Drymar itself has a history marred in division and conquest between the two cities, Dryborg and Marborn with many a famous battle between the chieftain, Erlak the Bloody and the then pretender to the throne, Harold of Marborn. After the ascendency of King Harold, Drymar was once again thrown into conflict against the then Empire of Rema. The new Drymarian nation fought as one and drove back the Empire, sending it into its own civil war and forever solidifying the many factions to create the new united Kingdom.

To find out more about the the Drymar and the City-States of Rema check out the updated Orlandes Uncovered coming soon to Gamebook Adventures!

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  2. Maps are very important to understanding the world and the plot. I greatly appreciate that you are emphasizing maps and will be adding all of the new maps to all of the Gamebooks.

  3. wow you guys really spent alot of time creating this world.. the maps really makes me feel like the gameworld exist! =)

  4. Hi Jase and Gustav,

    Thanks for your kind comments. Would you believe that the origins of Orlandes were designed over 20 years ago? This world has been a long time in the making! 🙂

  5. How cool is it that you are making your own lore now? Nice work.

  6. Very cool! It’s one of my favourite parts of working on Gamebook Adventures! Thanks for the kind feedback. 🙂