Gamebook Adventures 5: Catacombs of the Undercity is now nearing the end of our beta testing so we thought we’d show off a few screenshots of from the gamebook!

GA5 is set in the dark and murky underworld beneath the streets of Orlandes City so the gamebook has a distinct grimy feel about it. Dan Maxwell yet again provides an amazing piece of cover art and fan favourite, Pirkka Harvala from An Assassin in Orlandes returns to provide a beautiful set of illustrations to accompany the exhilarating storyline written by Andrew Wright. Speaking of which, Andrew will be providing us some insight into his gamebook passions in the coming weeks, so make sure to bookmark our blog. 🙂

If the screenshots are not enough for you then also check out our little promo video for GA5 which includes a sample of the intro animation and new soundtrack by Adrian Watkins. We’ll be submitting to Apple as soon as possible and will reveal a release date in due course.

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  1. Looks awesome! Posted about it and the others in the GA series here:




  2. Glad to see Pirkka back! Should be awesome.