For the last of our PAX East write-ups, I wanted to highlight an important aspect of attending a show like this: making the most of your marketing! As I’ve written on this blog many times, it’s hard as a small games developer getting the attention of consumers and journalists in such an overcrowded marketplace. Being at an expo like PAX East is great as it places you on a centre stage and allows you to be heard that little bit more, even if it is solely to the people that wander past the booth! We’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that timing for marketing is crucial and you need to save your “big guns” for special occasions like PAX. So we couldn’t think of a better time to announce that Fighting Fantasy writer, Jonathan Green, has joined Gamebook Adventures to write our seventh GA title!

Jonathan Green has written the last seven Fighting Fantasy books and is now writing for us!

Jonathan Green has written the last seven Fighting Fantasy books and is now writing for us!

Anyone who has followed the evolution of Gamebook Adventures will know I have a soft spot for the Fighting Fantasy series, which I first read when I was a young boy. Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone brought an accessible fantasy world to me well before I dabbled with D&D and adventure games on my Spectrum 48k. The fact that one of the Fighting Fantasy authors is now writing for the gamebook series that I dreamed up is not only mind-blowing for me, but also incredibly humbling.

We had known about Jon’s involvement for a short while and as it was a big coup for us we wanted to find the right time to tell the world. Overall it made a big impact, being picked up by Pocket Gamer and Gamezebo, two large gaming sites. It also caught the attention back home in Australia, with Invest Victoria writing a lovely blog post on our news. It was a harder message to get across to our American hosts at PAX, as Fighting Fantasy was not as popular in the USA as other gamebook series, but I think my enthusiasm for the news left no doubts to my excitement. Having Jon on board not only increases our worldwide profile but also completely validates all the hard work that we’ve put into the series so far.

I also wanted to use this blog post to highlight some of the other press coverage we received during the expo. We talked to quite a few journalists and bloggers during the three days, who gave us such a positive response. I want to thank them for all their press coverage whether it was a full-blown interview or a small paragraph. Please click the links below:

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Finally on my return to Australia, I found myself in Adelaide for a few days so organised a meet with the GamePron team as they wanted to do a video interview! I talk about both the Jonathan Green announcement and PAX East. Watch it below:

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