A milestone has been reached and The Wizard from Tarnath Tor is now available to buy on the App Store! As a small token for our fans and early adopters of GA6 we have placed it on sale for just $2.99 US Dollars, alongside the sale that we have running on GA1-5.

Gamebook Adventures 6: The Wizard from Tarnath Tor Download Link

So why is this a milestone? Well, when we first started Gamebook Adventures, our initial aims was to try and get six gamebooks written and full downloadable apps produced. While we had lots of enthusiasm, we were under no illusions as to the task ahead of us. Two years later, here we sit, with six titles now on App Store that all of the team who have worked on Gamebook Adventures can be immensely proud of!

The great thing is… this is only the beginning of a whole new adventure!

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  1. Man, even the little app icons to your games, with the numbers 1 to 6 displayed for each respective Gamebook in the lower left corner, are awesomely designed.

    Great interview on the Drop Bear Gaming podcast, by the way. You have built such a great formula to deliver the Gamebook experience that it sounds like you are going to be attracting the best talent that want their work to be published on the Gamebook platform.

  2. Hi Jase. Thanks for your feedback and support! The icons are a really important part of the apps as that is one of the things that may attract a potential new reader, so it’s great to hear that they work (especially as I did them…ha!). We loved doing the Drop Bear podcast – lots of fun! 🙂

  3. Hello!
    I love gamebooks, and these look really, really awesome, but I have Samsung Galaxy with Android (2.2).
    I would buy all of them instantly if they were on Android or PC.

  4. Hi Pavel. You’ll be pleased to know that Gamebook Adventures will be coming to Android later this year!

  5. Hi there. I’m new to the Gamebooks , but I was seriously enjoying this one (playing on an iMac. Visually great, love the gameplay, and very well written/thought out!)!
    I was getting to the point of knowing where to go/what I needed to do, but then I found that I seem to only be able to see/select up to 8 bookmarks. I hadn’t realized this before choosing what I thought was the latest, but was actually just #8. so now I’m stuck with the prospect of starting completely over again…and with only the benefit of 8 bookmarks! I just wanted to ask if you were aware of this, and is there a fix coming? Also, does this affect other Gamebooks on the iMac?

  6. Hi Mike,

    We had a bug like that on Assassin on the Mac, it would seem that it has reared its head on wizard as well. We will get it fixed asap!


  7. Thanks Ben!