It has been a bit quiet around the Tin Man Blog this last month or so. However, it hasn’t been quiet here at the Tin Man Towers! We have been working hard on the next Gamebook instalment as well as lots of other interesting news! Neil is banging together a long blog post detailing all the new and interesting happenings. You should only have to wait a few more days for that.

However, that is not what this post is about! One of the things we have been hard at work getting out is a free LITE version of Gamebook Adventures: An Assassin in Orlandes!

If you have been on the fence about gamebooks, or dont really know what they are all about, then grab the LITE version and try it out for free! This is also good if you have a friend or relative who you think would like Gamebook Adventures. Tell them about it!

The LITE version allows you to really sink your teeth into the adventure. You will be able to play roughly the first quarter of the story over as many times as you want. Tons of the extra features of the full version are available as well. You get the full “Orlandes Uncovered” encyclopedia of lore, the interactive map of the world, achievement and art gallery, original music, and much more!

Tell your friends! Get it here!

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  1. This is a very good idea. I’m going to recommend this free lite version to my friends.

    I’m looking forward to Neil’s upcoming blog post and hopefully a preview of GA 7.

  2. A few ideas for the next book in the series:
    – add an option for “instant combat results” – I want to find out what happens and I hate having to tap tap tap my way through lots of dice throws
    – add a way to jot down useful info within the app itself (I write down page numbers to make sure I clean up the whole choices tree)
    – the perfect implementation of the above would be… displaying the choices tree itself 🙂

  3. Hi Eddie. There is a “Quick Dice” option that negates the actually 3D physics dice. However my guess is you mean having an instant win or lose? Would that not kill the suspense a little? The notebook within the app idea is one we’ve had before and could be something we implement in the future. We would never want to display the choice tree itself as that would be giving too much away!