Photo taken by Crystal Ashdown

Freeplay 11 just finished up this weekend. It was a great show as always. It was great to finally meet some of my tweeps in the flesh 🙂

I gave a talk: ‘One bit of advice: Finish you game’ that seemed to go really well, and I am really gratified that people found it useful. Neil discovered that Gamasutra did a piece on my talk! So that is pretty amazing! Thanks Gamasutra! If you missed my talk on sunday, the article does a really good job of hitting the important points, so check it out.

If I wasn’t leaving for PAX Prime in under 24 hours, I would try to get the slides and notes and stuff online somewhere, but at this point that doesn’t seem feasible for a few more weeks (after PAX I am giving a talk at the Swipe Conference on Unity3d). If there is interest in that sort of thing, let me know and I will try to get it up before too long.

Also, for everyone who asked where they could get a tin man tshirt, you can get them at Redbubble in various sizes and colors.

And dont forget to check out the gamebooks! http://gamebookadventures.com.

Thanks and see you all next year at Freeplay 12!


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