ipadquestionWith Temple of the Spider God crawling towards submission it’s easy to think that we’ve slowed up a bit over the last few months since The Wizard of Tarnath Tor. Truth be told we’ve never been as busy as we are right now, which is certainly testing us – in a good way! So what are we up to exactly? Well, the annoying thing is that most of the stuff we’re doing, we can’t actually talk about. It’s quite frustrating beavering away on something and having to keep your Tin trap shut especially when it’s so bloody exciting that we may blow a few valves. We’re getting a few questions as to what is next for us, so instead of repeating myself I thought I would put together a post which highlights some of the things we can talk about and hint at some of the things we can’t.

Android / PC / Mac

androidIf there’s one thing that both PAX events showed us, is that there is a lot of Android users out there. The most common question that lands in my inbox is: ” When are you coming to Android?”. So, it’s kind of an obvious next step for us! As many app developers will tell you though, making that transition from iOS to Android isn’t simple and fraught with bigger financial hurdles than are first apparent. We felt we needed some financial backing to make this move, so successfully applied for some funding from Film Victoria. Having that cushion will certainly make it far easier for us over the coming months and we thank Film Vic for believing in us once again! We also wanted to make the most of our cross-platform capabilities so decided that using Unity would be the best way to go as it allows us to also create desktop versions of Gamebook Adventures at the same time. With recent releases like Fighting Fantasy’s Talisman of Death on the PS3 and the plethora of web-based interactive fiction, it makes sense to try and bring GA to the desktop too. We’re hoping to have our Unity version of Gamebook Adventures complete sometime in early 2012.

Infinite Universe

drageProbably the second most asked thing regarding Gamebook Adventures is: “Can you do a Sci-Fi gamebook?”. Well, we listened and our long-term Gamebook Adventures editor, Andrew Drage (better known as Brewin’) took up the challenge, designing and penning an amazing gamebook. An epic time travel tale, set in the far future within another star system, Infinite Universe is also a first in many other ways for us too in that the first chapter of the gamebook (some 200+ sections) will be completely free. The rest of the chapters will be available for $0.99 and will form our longest gamebook available yet! Added to that, Brewin’ has made full use of our new GA technology and has included an extensive range of new skills that can be learned and upgraded. Ranged weapons will also make their gamebook debut! We’ll release more information about Infinite Universe when it’s nearing completion.

Official Sequels

GA1_2Orlandes is never far from our hearts and we’ve officially commissioned a number of sequels to our original series of gamebooks. The first, a sequel to An Assassin in Orlandes, will put you back in the same role that took down the mighty Eltane and his murderous plans from the first gamebook. We welcome back S.P Osborne from Assassin to pick up the story one year later and this time a number of your old adventuring party are falling like flies. Could another Assassin be in your midst? We’re hoping to release the, as yet unnamed sequel sometime in 2012!

If you were a fan of Slaves of Rema, expect too to revisit the mighty continent, this time turning our attentions to the Emirates of Akbir and beyond. We also look to return to Undercity next year, viewing it it from a whole new perspective – what happened to the Red Hand Guild after your previous visit? Both Gaetano Abbondanza and Andrew Wright will return to pen those titles. We’ve also secured the wonderful artistic talents yet again of Pirkka Harvala. Pirkka’s visuals have seemingly become one of our most popular, so we’re very pleased to have him back on board.

BIG License!!!

We’ve just signed contracts to enable us to bring a huge comic-book character to Gamebook Adventures. We’d love to tell you more, but then we’d have to shoot you and killing people that visit the blog just wouldn’t be sensible. Sadly this is one of those situations where my Tin-lips are sealed, but we intend to announce this during GCAP in Melbourne, in November. We already have writers and artists working on this and it will be released in March 2012.

Lots of other stuff…

Here I find myself at the bottom of this blog post and I’ve still not mentioned a ton of other things we have in the pipeline. As I mentioned in a previous post, we are working with Jonathan Green on some more gamebook material. I’ve also not mentioned that we are also are about to sign a deal with a role-playing company for a series of gamebooks which will be illustrated by a very famous gamebook artist. I’ve also shamefully not mentioned that our U.S. based writer, Miellyn Fitzwater-Barrows (who you may have seen mentioned from our PAX trips) is creating a supernatural romance series with a team of writers. I’ve also not mentioned a potential collaboration with a number of well known licenses that are still in discussion. Plus we’re accepting submissions all the time from writers and chasing new licenses and projects!

I think it’s safe to say that we have an incredibly busy, but exciting year ahead of us! There’s a lot to look forward to for gamebook fans and we hope Gamebook Adventures will bring gamebooks and interactive fiction to lots of new people too. Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

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  1. I’m veyr happy to hear about the Android ports. 🙂

  2. Oh, a Unity based engine. That should be slick.

    And if I’m reading any possible hints right, that could be VERY exciting!

  3. You’d better get ready to target the new Amazon Kindle Fire 7-inch tablet as your absolute top priority in terms of Android OS devices, because they are going to sell a boatload of those devices. The excellent Amazon Cloud Services and the ability to sell apps from the Amazon web site is what is going to make it a very lucrative opportunity for 3rd party developers. That, and the low $199 price tag of the device itself.

  4. Hi Jase. Yes, that’s definitely on our radar!

  5. I should correct myself and say that probably all of the Kindle devices are worth developing Gamebooks for. When you think about the people who enjoy reading ebooks on a Kindle, a Gamebook Adventure title is more similar to a logical extension of the Kindle reading experience than it is similar to Fruit Ninja or Plants vs. Zombies.

  6. thanks for the news, more ports sound great!