We’re only a few short days now from release so we thought it was about time we showed off our new promo video for Temple of the Spider God! We’re very excited about the release of our seventh Gamebook Adventures title, so much so that all our previous six gamebooks are currently on sale until the beginning of November.

$4.99 –> $2.99
An Assassin in Orlandes, Slaves of Rema, Revenant Rising and Catacombs of the Undercity
The Siege of the Necromancer and The Wizard from Tarnath Tor

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  1. Love it! Really great promo vid. Music sounded excellent and I liked the energy of the whole presentation.

  2. Looks awesome guys! Well done.

  3. It’s a great great promo video. I love the style of storytelling that combines illustrations with a moving camera to give the static images movement and life.

  4. Really great promo and nice games.