It’s finally here. Temple of the Spider God is now available to download from the App Store! This blog post actually feels a little late to the party as our seventh gamebook has been available for over 48 hours in various parts of the world.

Author of Spider Green, Jonathan Green is especially excited with his first ever digital gamebook release and you can read his thoughts over on his blog as well as news about some of his other recent and upcoming releases, including books based in the Doctor Who and Warhammer 40k universes. (Note: his site has some music so make sure to turn your speakers down!)

We’ve already had a great response from fans and newcomers to Gamebook Adventures and the Australian game dev community have been especially supportive with messages flying in on Twitter and Facebook too.

Various press sites have also released some articles based on our press release and over the next few weeks we’re hoping for some reviews and features to start trickling in, which we’ll include on this blog post as they become available.

Official Press Release on Gamasutra

GamePron – Temple of the Spider God widens Gamebook web

GamePron – GamePron News Season 2, Episode 37 (This is very cool!)

Drop Bear Gaming – New Gamebook Adventure Out Today

PocketGamer – It’s in the Gamebook: Temple of the Spider God iOS game trailer

PocketGamer – Review! 8 out of 10! (First ever review on PocketGamer – Result!)

VG 24/7 – iOS Temple of the Spider God penned by Fighting Fantasy author

Touch Arcade – Tin Man Games Releases ‘Temple of the Spider God’ Gamebook Adventure (FRONT PAGE FEATURE!)

Touch Arcade Spider God forum thread (includes updates on any bugs and fixes)

Temple of the Spider God fan photo! (Cheers Kevin! :D)

Digitally Downloaded – Review: Gamebook Adventures: Temple of the Spider God (iPad) (4 out of 5 stars!)

Dialaphone – iPhone/iPad App Review: Temple of the Spider God

App-Score – Review – 8 out of 10

Spong.com – SuperHappyFunTimeShow podcast interview (about 50 mins in)

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  1. […] some great coverage on the release of Spider God last Friday, most of which can be found in our previous blog post. There were a lot of sites that picked up on our press release, which was great as it generated a […]

  2. […] We’ve also had two other great reviews, one from Andrew Boxall, which appeared on the dialaphone blog and another from a site called App-Score, who also gave us 8 out of 10! I think it’s safe to say we’re more than a little bit pleased with these. To see all our coverage, check out our earlier post. […]