It’s about 36 hours now since we announced Judge Dredd during our “Creating a brand from scratch” talk at Game Connect Asia Pacific 2011 and what an incredible reception we’ve had, not only from the delegates at the conference held in Melbourne, but from Gamebook Adventures fans as well as Judge Dredd and 2000 AD fans from around the world!

It all started with me furiously getting press releases ready on Wednesday morning, jumping on a tram with no breakfast inside me so I could make Jesse Divnich’s talk, which incidently was amazing and a perfect lead into our session an hour later, and then wolfing down three flapjacks and a coffee before delivering one of the biggest talks of my career alongside Ben. The presentation went really well and by the end we had cheers and whoops as we unveiled that we would be creating a gamebook based on the 2000 AD legend, Judge Dredd.

We’ll probably save our thoughts about #GCAP11 overall for another blog post, but in a nutshell it was an amazing few days which rose steadily for us to the crescendo of our talk and announcement. I can’t express in words clearly enough the love and passion for game development and the Australian games industry in general that was floating around that convention center.

So just how much of an impact did we make with the press? Well we got featured yet again on Touch Arcade and Pocket Gamer and got a special interview article at the conference with MCV Pacific, as well as a host of other sites listed below:

MCV Pacific – Aussie dev scores rights to Judge Dredd iOS interactive game books

Touch Arcade – Tin Man Games Set to Release Judge Dredd Gamebook Next Year

PocketGamer – Developer Tin Man Games working on a Judge Dredd gamebook for iOS and Android

GamePron – Judge Dredd gamebook smacks down the Law

Gamezebo – Judge Dredd to join Gamebook Adventures

Game Taco – Choose Your Own Judge

AppAddict – Judge Dredd Is Coming To Tin Man Games’ Gamebook Adventures

Mac Life – iOS Games Weekly Roundup: A Look at Judge Dredd (& others)

Wired.com – GeekDad – Judge Dredd Coming to Gamebook Adventures

148 Apps – Judge Dredd Gamebook Adventure Headed to iOS!!!

We know a lot of you are dying to hear some details about the gamebook and while there are tidbits in the above articles we’re still a bit vague. So we’ll make sure to release as much info as we can, when we can!


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  1. Congratulations! It’s a very nice achievement in terms of bringing great pre-existing intellectual property to Gamebook Adventures.

    For your next project, could you please license the works of Robert E. Howard for Gamebooks–Conan, Solomon Kane, Kull, El Borak, Bran Mak Morn, etc? How cool would that be?

  2. Awesome – way to go Gents 😉

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