We’ve had such a great 2011 being involved with a bunch of conferences and expos that we wanted to continue that trend into 2012 and can confirm that we will be attending both PAX East in Boston (April 6th-8th), as well as the UK Games Expo in Birmingham (May 25th-27th)!

PAX East was a bit of a no-brainer to be honest as we exhibited there last year and had a really great response by the attendees, plus Neil fell in love with American diner breakfasts (all that lovely bacon)! We’ve secured a great spot for 2012 near some of the biggest indie devs (*ahem* The Behemoth *ahem*), so we’re hoping for a lot more foot traffic. Ben sadly won’t be coming along this time as he will be busy finishing off the Android versions of Gamebook Adventures in Melbourne *whipcrack*, but Neil will be joined by GA writer, Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows and GA illustrator, Dan Maxwell. Miellyn will be announcing her new GA book series that she is working on in secret with two other American based authors and there may just be a certain Judge thatwill need some attention! 😉

While the UK Games Expo is new to us, we’re really excited to be attending as it is the UK’s largest gaming exhibition and like Dragonmeet, GA will fit well with the visiting demographic. By then, we’ll hopefully have an Android and desktop Mac version that we can show off too! We’ve secured a good spot near the main entrance so fingers crossed it will be a great event for us. We’ll let you know nearer the time who will be joining Neil at the event.

Talking of events, Neil attended Adventure-X on Saturday, a small gathering of point & click adventure games enthusiasts, where he gave a talk about Gamebook Adventures. Discworld Noir designer, Chris Bateman also gave an insightful talk into the his time working with Terry Pratchett on the Discworld games as well as delving into some games philosophy, trying to find a reasoning why traditional adventure games are less popular than they once were.  Both talks went down really well and there was a lot of great questions and discussion afterwards. If you’re partial to some games design philosophy then check out Chris’ blog.


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