Sneak preview of Infinite Universe’s new cover!


It was a full-on January for us last month both personally and professionally! Needless to say Gamebook Adventures has been motoring ahead and we’re currently about a week away from submission of our 8th GA title, Infinite Universe. Not only is GA8:IU our forst foray into the genre of science-fiction, but it is also the first time that we’ll be releasing a GA title for free on the app store. You’ll be able to read the first chapter of the adventure (300 sections!) for absolutely nothing and if you feel you want to continue the experience, you’ll be offered options to either buy individual chapters or all the chapters at once at a reduced price. It’s an interesting pricing structure for us but one we feel should appeal to not only our current fans, but also any new readers that try us out because it is free.

From a design point of view, GA8:IU also makes full use of our new engine that debuted in Temple of the Spider God and will include a host of new skills that can be earned throughout the adventure. We’re not going to reveal just yet how those skills are built up, but rest assured it’s certainly a unique way to “create a character” that has been cunningly devised by Andrew Drage (Brewin’).


Beyond GA8:IU, we’ve had quite a lot of great coverage lately across the interwebz. Alongside some cracking reviews, we’ve also been interviewed three times (or more correctly Neil has) about Tin Man Games and Gamebook Adventures. The great thing about all three interviews is that each one covers very different topics and each serves a very different reading demographic. As an indie, being able to reach out to as many people as possible is super important, so we’re thrilled with these:

GameTaco – Tin Man Tactics – Interview by popular Aussie gaming site that concentrates on our marketing and what we’ve done to try and build our indie business.

Trollish Delver – The digital adventurer – Trollish Delver is a full-on RPG site mainly dealing with table-top gaming.  This interview concentrates on the gamebook revival and our history within that. It also delves into what the future holds in store and licensing Judge Dredd.

Cubed Gamers – An interview with Neil Rennison – Cubed Gamers is a gaming news site and interviewed Neil a lot about the perception of gamebooks to youngsters and whether digital books are “killing off the book”.

On top of that both Ben and Neil (as well as our new Melbourne based TMG pairing of Clinton and Ariel) were filmed for a documentary on building apps which will go into schools at some point in the future. Having your living room and home office turned into a mini TV studio is quite an experience! This is the second time we’ve been asked to do this and have to say it was tons of fun. 🙂


We were so bloody close! Sadly though all the Twitter and Facebook pimping in the world didn’t enable Temple of the Spider God to win the 2011 Best Dice Game Award. We did proudly come second though, which is a big step up from 2010, when An Assassin in Orlandes didn’t even make the last three. Next year…. NEXT BLOODY YEAR!

At least the guys at Halfbrick managed to win the grand title of Best App Ever with Jetpack Joyride. Go Aussies!!!


It’s amazing that 2 years after it’s release, An Assassin in Orlandes is still being picked by review sites to be featured. Two our our best reviews for GA1 have come in the last couple of months:

The Middle-Aged Geek Guy“An Assassin In Orlandes has successfully established Tin Man as masters of the gamebook genre – from cover to cover.” – 9 out of 10!

Game Marketing by Mary Kurek – “I caught my mouth dropping and my eyebrow raising! I agree with my lead reviewer on the art and the overall impact of the gamebook. It’s amazing.” (We were also featured in Mary’s Marketing Niches Mobile Developers Might Not Know feature too)

Temple of the Spider God has also been bringing in some great coverage too:

Suicide Girls Blog – “I snatched up three immediately under the assumption that if I loved playing Dungeons and Dragons I would enjoy these. I was right!”

Play This Thing! – Not an overly positive review, but they did say ” The designer does an excellent job of making you feel like a swashbuckling adventurer in a grand heroic quest. TOTSG is a fun adventure, just be ready for some grinding.”

The Fiction Engine – “Tin Man has not only managed to give me nostalgic sustenance from a game genre of my childhood, they’ve succeeded making the adventure game book genre more fun that it’s ever been.” WE LOVE THIS REVIEW! 🙂


While we were at GCAP at the back end of 2011, both Neil and Ben were interviewed by Tracey Lien from Kotaku Australia. We had almost forgotten about it when up popped The Indie Handbook That Doesn’t Exist, a fantastic article written by Tracey which highlights indie game development in Australia and explains that there are no hard and fast rules to success as an indie game developer. A large portion of the article is dedicated to Tin Man Games and includes Ben’s classic quote:

“The reality is that you can spend one year or five years or ten years making a really awesome game and no one will buy it because no one knows about it. Games are meant to be played. If you make a game and no one plays it, is it still a game? It’s one of those tree falls in a wood kind of things, and I think that was the hardest thing for me to learn.”

More recently we were alerted to another Kotaku Australia article written by Mark Serrels called Plugging The Gaps: The Government’s Role In Reviving The Australian Games Industry, in which we were mentioned. The article was all about government funding and as we’ve been funded by Film Victoria, we were included. What put huge grins on our face however was the esteemed company we were placed with:

If you know where to look, and you know how to apply, funding is available. Morgan Jaffit is proof of that. As is Firemint, Iron Monkey, Tin Man Games and almost every other success story you care to name. These studios have become leading lights, at least in part, as a result of government funding.

To be called a “leading light” alongside two of the most successful studios in Melbourne over recent years (EA aquisitions at that!) was, and is a complete honour! A very, very good start to 2012. 😀 😀 😀

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