Gamebook Adventures has been underway now for just over two and a half years and on our journey we have had the pleasure to mingle with many people, writers and readers alike, that keep the “interactive fiction” fires burning brightly. One of these key people is Wayne Densley who writes and curates the amazing The Chronicles of Arborell website. Wayne has created one of the most detailed online resources for a fantasy setting that I’ve ever come across and is built upon three core gamebooks which has spread to twenty-two downloadable titles including more gamebooks, novellas, maps, sourcebooks and even a card-based RPG! The intended aim is to release around fourty titles which will tell more interactive stories and continue to flesh out the lore of the world.

Wayne has always been a big supporter of GA and from day one offered to host some banners for us for free, which still remain on the site (and require updating when I have a moment!).  We felt that it was time to give a bit back, not only to Wayne but also to the gamebook writing community as a whole. For that reason we are over the moon to announce that we’re offering to publish the winning entries (first and merit prize winners) of the annual Windhammer Prize for Short Gamebook Fiction which is hosted by The Chonicles of Arborell! This publishing will come in the form of a specific Windhammer app built for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, using our Gamebook Adventures engine. Not only that but the published writers will receive royalties from the sale of the app too for however long it is available to buy on the App Store!

So, if you’ve ever fancied your hand at writing a short piece of interactive fiction then head over to the Windhammer Prize page NOW for more details on the entry requirements. You never know, I could be publishing your story in 12 months time! 😀

– Neil (aka The Tin Man)

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  1. What a great collaboration! Nice going.