There is so much coming up in the land of gamebooks. The Judge Dredd gamebook is nearing completion. Soon we will be releasing Slaves of Rema to Android, followed by Revenant Rising and all the rest as quickly as we can make them. We have some all new genres coming up as well as some sequels! We are beta testing the Mac and PC version of Assassin right now, and once that is done, the rest will follow. There are so many new and exiting books in all stages of development I am not even sure how many we are working on right now. To cap it all off, we have a HUGE announcement coming up at the UK Games Expo this weekend.

We can’t even hardly keep it all straight so how are you meant to? You follow us on twitter and you visit the facebook page and you watch the industry sites and blogs, but even then it is so easy to miss out.

So we are starting an email newsletter.

These wont come out too often, we dont want to spam your inbox (and frankly, we are too busy to send too many of them!). But if you sign up then we will make sure that you never miss out on the important new Gamebook Adventures news.

We will never give your email address away to anyone ever, and we will only use it to keep you informed of what is going on in the world of Gamebook Adventures. If you want to stay in the know, and never miss out on another gamebook, then sign up below!

Lets do this! Sign me up!

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