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  1. I’m not surprised to read about this in your newsletter, although I would never have guessed. It’s the perfect marriage. I can’t wait to see the 30th anniversary gamebook. Doing the happy dance now ;0)

  2. Yes. Yes. YES!!!

  3. […] the Gamebook Adventures series on iOS and Android‚ has announced that it has managed to secure one of the biggest franchises in interactive adventures: Fighting Fantasy‚ starting in […]

  4. Shut up and take all my money now.

  5. Very cool! I just hope the Android releases come out a bit closer to the iOS ones for FF.

  6. Brilliantly exciting news!

  7. Very excited!

  8. Hey Blue,

    We are planning to release Blood of the Zombies simultaneously on both iOS and Android. We are also trying to get the rest of the catalog onto Android ASAP so that our future titles will also be able to be released at the same time.


  9. Fantastic news. Well done Neil and the team.

  10. Great news! Congratulations, and much deserved. You
    are without doubt the state of the art in gamebooks now as FF were in the 80s.

    Can I ask – any plans to convert the Sorcery books to digital format?
    One was converted a couple of years ago but I noted it was withdrawn from the app store recently…

  11. Thanks for the kind comments! Sorry to say we don’t actually have the license for the Sorcery series though as they are owned by someone else.

  12. I knew it! 😀 Congrats!

  13. Uhuuuuuuu

  14. Absolutely smashing news, and well deserved!

  15. Hooray! (for Android release)

  16. […] few weeks ago we posted about our HUGE announcement and since then we’ve been relatively quiet about the Fighting Fantasy deal, so we felt it was […]