Designing games can be a complicated business. How many games have you played and thought, “That was way too easy” or “How the hell do I get past level 1 with those stats?!”

Thankfully, when designing Gamebook Adventures we have our very own probability wizard in the shape of the indomitable (or should that read incorrugable?) Andrew Drage. Over on his blog, The Land of Brewin’, Andrew has just written an amazing post which breaks down the probabilities of our Gamebook Adventures battle system. While we’ve been party to most of these analytics for a while, Andrew wanted to spread his findings as it gives a great insight into just how complex a gaming system can be, even when at face value it seems quite simple! It’s a great read if you’re a game designer or aspiring game designer and especially interesting to anyone who love RPGs and gamebooks.

If you emptied Andrew Drage’s head, this is what you would find.

Andrew has also recently designed a 2d6 Gamebook Adventures battle system that mirrors our current probabilities, but obviously uses less dice. Could be useful for *ahem* printed versions of our books in the future, if that was ever a possibility. Watch this space… 😉

The Land of Brewin’ – Probabilities in the Gamebook Adventures system

Andrew is the writer and designer of Gamebook Adventures 8: Infinite Universe and has edited many of the Gamebook Adventures series. He is also a self-published author.

EDIT: Andrew actually published a blog post about the 2d6 system! Link: Conversion of the Gamebook Adventures system to a 2D6 system

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  1. Sometimes I wonder how the rest of you would fare without us mathematically-abled people…