It’s been a crazy few weeks on the Tin Man farm planting and watering our crops, and it looks like we have a bit of harvesting to do! (I’m sure I could’ve come up with a better analogy, but that will have to do)

Anyway, Gamebook Adventures 4: Revenant Rising has just hit Google Play and is all ready to download for Android users! Considered by some as one of our best GAs, Revenant Rising is an epic adventure story which takes you, as the hero, on a journey of discovery…

“The mighty city of Falavia, the military backbone of Orlandes, is under attack from an army lead by a man claiming to be a God. How did this come to pass you ask yourself? You’re sure it all started as some innocent adventure in search of treasure but somehow it turned into a nightmare. Also, why are people staring at you strangely? It’s not as if you look like you’ve recently been brought back from the dead or something. Oh yes, that’s right. You remember now… “

Written by Kieran Coghlan, we did a wee interview with the writer himself, back when GA4 first appeared on iOS. Read it here.

Recently we were bizarrely criticised by another author of potential plagiarism as Revenant Rising is based on Kieran’s previous gamebook, Hunger of the Wolf, available on the FF project site . For the record, Revenant Rising is a fully licensed re-working of Kieran’s previous gamebook (mentioned in the interview), which was generously put up to download for free by Kieran when he first wrote it. We’ve never insisted that the original work be removed from FF project, so feel free to check that out too – as well as a host of other awesome free adventure gamebooks hosted there.

If the Android madness wasn’t enough for Gamebook Adventures, then we’ve also just relesed our first desktop GA title! An Assassin in Orlandes, our debut Gamebook Adventures interactive story is now available for both Mac and PC! You can download it from Desura now and it’s currently on sale for only 50% of it’s full price!!

Set within Orlandes City itself, nobles are being systematically murdered by a ruthless assassin no-one seems able to catch. Finding yourself thrust in the middle of a large conspiracy, you must make decisions that may put yourself and one other most precious to you in great danger. Can you locate the Assassin in Orlandes before it is too late? 

What is a Gamebook Adventure? At their core, all of our gamebooks are compelling adventure stories where you get to choose how the adventure unfolds. Every section of the narrative concludes with choices that you have to make. The choices you make will alter the story, taking you down new paths and giving you new choices.

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