It’s been a hectic few weeks for Tin Man Games, what with unleashing a certain lawman to the app store, prepping some romantic vampires for their imminent debut, working hard on our first Fighting Fantasy release, topped off with one of the Tin Men bringing a new life into the world (Tin Baby 2.0 was born 19th July!). You’d be completely forgiven if you missed out on another debut of sorts, that being the release of the first 5 Gamebook Adventures titles to the Amazon Android Store! We’ve barely had time to deal with it ourselves apart from the odd tweet here and there.

As many fans will already be aware, we’ve been available for Android for a little while now but we’ve never ventured into the Amazon jungle for one reason or another (Ben will fill you in if you ask nicely). So if you own a Kindle Fire or supported Android device, get your skates on and dash over to Amazon store to check out our gamebooks. While you’re there we would love a review too. Reviews make a huge difference to Amazon sales, more so than any other commerce site, so a bit of GA love would certainly help get the machine nicely oiled.

Click here to access our Tin Man Games Amazon page…

(btw… we’ve had a sneaky early release of one of our titles on Amazon too – check it out!)

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  1. Any chance we’ll see a release for regular Kindle anytime soon?

  2. Probably not. It would require a whole new codebase and I’m not sure we’d see the sales to justify the effort. If another Kindle developer, who already had an engine was to take it on though, that could be a different story.

  3. Same question for BB playbook here (using the android compatibility layer maybe), any luck ?

  4. Sorry we’re not supporting the Playbook. It’s not cost-effective for us sadly.