Independent Games Development is a tough old business as there’s never enough hours in the day to do all the things we want to do. When you are a small team with limited resources the biggest thing that tends to fall by the wayside is keeping on top of telling the world what you’re up to. It doesn’t matter how hard we work on our apps, if YOU don’t know about them, then you’re never gonna have the chance to play them! We do pretty well on the twittersphere with both myself, @TinManGames and Ben, @BenBritten tweeting all day long across both Australian and UK timezones. Sadly though our blog isn’t updated as often as we’d like, so to redress this we are going to be doing a casual monthly update on top of any other blog posts so you know just what the hell is happening in the world of Tin Man Games.


The last couple of months has seen both Ben, myself and the rest of the team working hard to get our first Fighting Fantasy title, Blood of the Zombies out of the door. We’re pleased to say that the iOS version of the gamebook is in submission with Apple and assuming it is approved, should be on sale mid October. Ben is furiously working through the Android build of the game now, which will hopefully be released simultaneously alongside it’s iOS cousin. Note too the image on the left, which shows that it will be iPhone 5 compatible from the off!

It’s been great fun working on the app and we really believe that we have put together something pretty special that compliments Ian Livingstone’s great interactive story. We won’t reveal too much more at this point, but if you want to see some sneaky screenshots then the Warlock has posted some on The Official Fighting Fantasy site.


I was recently chuffed to find that I was quoted a few times in a web article on the BBC News site called Fighting Fantasy series resurrected for 30th anniversary. I’m a regular reader of the Beeb and being a Brit this was pretty special for me!

Ian and Steve captured something very magical in the ’80s and a whole generation of teenage boys at the time will be forever thankful.

In more local news, we were featured in the Game on for app makers article that ran as a cover story in the local Melbourne paper. Ben talks about our new office move to Collingwood (yes, he is finally out of his home office!) and how that impacts our development. Interesting fact too that followers may or may not know: “Smith is an Academy Award-winning special-effects artist who met his Australian wife while working in Melbourne on the Nicolas Cage blockbuster Ghost Rider.”

Finally, with the release of the iPhone 5 and updated App Store, both Ben and myself were interviewed by a couple of websites. Ben’s interview with Kotaku may have been more for the lols :D, but I tried to be a little bit more constructive on Gamezebo. 😉


Obviously Blood of the Zombies is our current big ticket app and Ben is working his socks off getting the Android version done. Elsewhere we are ramping up production on our sequel to 2010’s An Assassin in Orlandes, currently unimaginatively titled Assassin 2. We’ve got Pirkka Harvala back again to provide some amazing illustrations, which are this time in colour! Trust me, they look amazing. The rest of the gamebook is reading and playing great and we hope to get this out of the door at the beginning of November for at least iOS and maybe Android if possible.

Back to Fighting Fantasy, we have the second licensed title, House of Hell, underway too. This is actually my personal all-time favourite FF gamebook written by Steve Jackson. As soon as we secured the license I was asked which books I would like to adapt and this was my first choice. It’s great going back into a gamebook that you haven’t read for 20 years and picking through it with a fine-toothed comb. As with Zombies, we’ll be pulling out all the stops to make this as awesome as possible on iOS and Android. We’ll also be announcing our third FF release on this blog in the coming few months, so keep an eye out for that.


Behind the scenes we have a bunch of other titles also in the writing and editing phase, including a second Strange Loves title called Hex Boyfriends. This book will be swapping vampires for witchcraft and will hopefully be out sometime in November. We have also signed an interesting license deal to create a gamebook series based on an indie game and have a new writer working on that. We’re gonna keep that under wraps for the moment, but think “Japanese High School” and you’ll be half way there.

On top of all that loveliness, we also have a new title by Jonathan Green in development and Gun Dogs, now titled Gary Chalk’s Gun Dogs, rattling along at a fair old pace. There are also a bunch of other things I can’t discuss, especially the gamebook being co-written by a well known sci-fi TV star from the 90s! *ahem*

Neil (aka The Tin Man)

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I was also recently interviewed by the Pixel Hunter for Ready Up!

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  1. ‘There are also a bunch of other things I can’t discuss, especially the gamebook being co-written by a well known sci-fi TV star from the 90s! *ahem*’

    Is it Patrick Stewart? Please say it’s Patrick Stewart. If not, then could you make it so?

  2. I bloody wish. Sadly not Mr. Crusher.