How cool would it be if Ian Livingstone sent you a signed Blood of the Zombies postcard? That’s right, a postcard through your own letterbox from the Fighting Fantasy legend himself?

We have 10 signed postcards up for grabs to 10 lucky Zombie killers. Not only that, but the Zombie killer with the most kills will also win a signed Blood of the Zombies paperback too (yes, that’s the physical book folks!).

So what do you need to do?

1) Buy our Fighting Fantasy: Blood of the Zombies app!

2) Kill lots of Zombies!

3) Take a screenshot of the main menu on your digital device showing your kill tally!

4) Email that screenshot to Zombies@tinmangames.com.au!

5) Check the blog on December 3rd to see if you’ve won!

6) Wait patiently by your letterbox for a delivery!

The promotion is open until midnight GMT 30th November 2012. The Top 10 Zombie killers will each win a postcard, which we will send to anywhere in the world. The No.1 Zombie killer will win a signed paperback and a postcard. We will contact you seperately to get your address if you are a winner, with winners appearing on this blog on December 3rd. The judge’s decisions will be final and unchallengeable. All entries must follow these instructions and we will refuse any entries that do not meet these requirements.

Good luck Zombie hunters!


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  1. That’s great, but the app seems to have disabled my S3’s screenshot function!

  2. Well that’s no good! We’ll look into it. Happy to receive a photo of the screen instead if that helps!

  3. Hey Grant,

    That is odd! I have no idea what is going on there. We are definitely not doing anything that would disable screengrabbing. I screengrab our apps from my androids all the time. If you can contact me directly via the contact form on the http://fightingfantasyapps.com site (those come right to me) then I might be able to sort out the issue!