Okay so Coventry is apparently 95 miles northwest of London and the 9th largest city in the UK, and Russia is apparently 6,592,800 square miles and the largest country in the world. So what links these two these two very different parts of the globe…?

King Hermit does that’s who!! So whilst the band have been promoting themselves over in New York (and their home town of Coventry of course) appearing on the Joey Reynolds radio show (in which they gave us a generous shout out) and playing at the famous Arlene’s Grocery, downloads of the iPhone game, King Hermit’s Home Cooked Cookin’ have rocketed way past the 1000 mark. So what’s Russia got to do, got to do with it? (sorry couldn’t resist). Well it seems our good komrades out there in the largest country in the world have taken our game to their hearts as it has sold more copies there than anywhere else in the world! The US, UK and France come in a distant second. If you want to see what all the fuss is about download the game for FREE by clicking the link below.

And finally a message to our friends in Russia – Счастья и здоровья!

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  1. Из Ковентри с любовью