Certainly a quieter month in Tin Man Towers this month as we’ve been busy working on our latest release of digital gamebooks, most notably our next Fighting Fantasy title, House of Hell! Still, we’ve still be appearing in a bunch of places, released a few of our older titles on new platforms and held a very exciting Black Friday sale weekend of most of our gamebook apps across all platforms. This meant a few of our fans were able to complete their collection as well as attracting some new fans to digital interactive fiction!


Something to start that certainly made us smile this month was Blood of the Zombies winning Best Mobile Game 2012 in December’s issue of SciFi Now! Thanks to the Warlock, Jamie Fry, for spotting that and thank you SciFi Now for the award! 😀

News of our Black Friday sale fired out over the interwebz and we got mentions on some of the leading app sites like Touch Arcade and AppAddict. We have quite a few apps in our library now so many of the sites gave us our own section. We still find it strange to be categorised next to traditionally well known publishers like EA and Sega, but that is the transition that we’re slowly making especially as we work on big-named licenses such as Fighting Fantasy and Judge Dredd. We’re just essentially two blokes on different sides of the planet at the moment so don’t expect us to becomes some large, faceless monolith of a publisher just yet!

Trollish Delver also got all curious a few weeks ago too after our previous monthly update mentioned signing up a new 80s gamebook license. Don’t worry Scott, you won’t have to wait too long until we announce that, amongst a ton of other cool things next month! (see below)

Some other info that isn’t about us but is very cool none-the-less was the news this month that the Federal Government here in Australia announcing it would be investing $20 million into the Australian games industry. This is a significant step for the Aussie games industry and major props must go to Tony Reed of the GDAA for all his tireless campaigning! Where this money is going and how it will be spent is still up for discussion, but it does mean that the Australian industry, which quite frankly has taken a bit of a battering in the last couple of years, will certainly benefit in many ways. (Kotaku article)


The winner of this years Windhammer Prize for Short Gamebook Fiction was announced earlier this month. Congratulations to Zachary Carango for his gamebook, Final Payment! As you may know, we are publishing winning and merit award winning entries into an app next year. We’ve already been in touch with Zachary, Ashton and Marty and they have all agreed to having their entries included in the app. We’re looking forward to reading through these and developing the interactive stories further.


Not too many changes this month from last month as we crack on with development on a number of titles. House of Hell is already looking bloody gorgeous and we can’t wait to unleash it. We’re going through a bit of a code transition to Unity at the moment for both iOS and Android (Unity was droid only previously), so Ben is bashing through all that. Once this is done it will speed up our dev process in lots of ways meaning we can bring our titles out faster!

Gamebook Adventures fans using Android phones and tablets will be excited to hear that Jonathan Green’s Temple of the Spider God will be arriving on to Google Play, the Amazon App Store and the Nook in the next month. We’ve also just completed Catacombs of the Undercity desktop versions, which will debut on Desura and the Mac App Store too in the next few weeks!


We’re going to keep this short and sweet as we have a treat in store during December… THE TWELVE DAYS OF GAMEBOOKS! In an advent calendar/12 days of Chrimbo mash-up, we will be creating a 12 door calendar which will reveal some awesome info every two days about some of our projects for 2013!! Return on December 1st to open the first door!

P.S. Neil will be at Dragonmeet this weekend in London along with Ian Livingstone, Steve Jackson, Jonathan Green and Jamie Fry (The Warlock). Check out our latest ads in the Dragonmeet Event Booklet!


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