Okay, it’s time for a little fun in December and we decided that we wanted to tell you about some of our exciting gamebook projects that are coming up in 2013! So welcome to our special Tin Man Games advent calendar. Now before anyone mentions it, yes we do realise that normally there are 24 windows and that the 12 Days of Christmas start on Dec 26th! We’ve decided to change the rules…quite a bit in fact. 😀

Every other day in December we’ll be opening a numbered door and then blogging about that reveal the day after. So the first door will be opening on Dec 1st and expect to see a blog post about that on the 2nd. The next door will open on the 3rd and, yeah, you get the idea I’m sure! So keep this page bookmarked and check back to our blog to see what exciting things we have planned for the New Year.


Door 1 – On the first day of Gamebooks, a Warlock gave to me… (Fighting Fantasy: House of Hell)

Door 2 – On the second day of Gamebooks, Tharg the Mighty gave to me… (Judge Dredd: The Dark)

Door 3 – On the third day of Gamebooks, a lonesome wolf creator gave to me… (Gun Dogs)

Door 4 – On the fourth day of Gamebooks, a Barbarian gave to me… (Sagas of the Demonspawn)

Door 5 – On the fifth day of Gamebooks, a Japanese student gave to me… (Shira Oka: Alice’s Story)

Door 6 – On the sixth day of Gamebooks, an Orlandrian gave to me… (Gamebook Adventures 9 & 10)

Door 7 – On the seventh day of Gamebooks, a Halven Fey gave to me… (The Spellcaster Trilogy)

Door 8 – On the eighth day of Gamebooks, a university professor gave to me… (Les Fils d’Uruzimé)

Door 9 – On the ninth day of Gamebooks, Sabrina gave to me… (Strange Loves: Hex Boyfriends)

Door 10 – On the tenth day of Gamebooks, Merlin gave to me… (Grail Quest)

Door 11 – On the eleventh day of Gamebooks, a Weiner gave to me… (Trial of the Clone)

Door 12 – On the twelth day of Gamebooks, a Warlock also gave to me… (The Warlock of Firetop Mountain)

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