…A House o-o-o-of Hell-eeeeee!

Okay, we know what you’re thinking – where’s the new announcements? We already know about House of Hell! Well, we wanted to start of at a steady pace and an email dropped in our inbox the other day from the awesome illustrator, Dan Maxwell, which we just had to share. Those who follow us regularly will know that Dan has worked on all our Gamebook Adventures titles and also created a lot of the in-game artwork for Blood of the Zombies. Dan is a huge Fighting Fantasy fan from back in the day and told me he would like a stab at re-creating the cover art for House of Hell. We ran this passed Steve Jackson and he was more than happy for him proceed. Anyway, a few months later Dan sent us this amazing piece of artwork that really captures the HOH feel. We’ll be using the a high resolution version of the artwork as a secret unlockable within the app. Enjoy!

By the way – both Steve and Ian have seen it and really like it!

Remember to check our Twelve Days of Gamebooks tomorrow when we’ll be opening door number 2!

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  2. Superb!

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