…A second Judge Dredd digital gamebook!

Welcome to day 2 of our Twelve Days of Gamebooks celebration and today we bring you a welcome return in 2013 of our favourite future lawman, Judge Joseph Dredd! Author and game designer, Nick Robinson, returns to write a follow-up to our critically acclaimed first digital Judge Dredd gamebook, Countdown Sector 106. Get ready for…

Nick has already started writing The Dark and this new Judge Dredd adventure will take the readers/players into some very interesting parts of Mega-City One. If you’re a long-time 2000 AD reader and Dredd fan then you may also recognise his latest foe too!

It is a day like any other on the Streets of Sector 106. Dredd has to deal with crazies, vigilantes and creeps of all stripes when he receives an emergency request to help fellow Judges in trouble. What follows is a case that reveals a terrible threat to the future of Mega-City One as Dredd has to battle some old enemies to save his city…

We’ll be looking to release The Dark around the middle of 2013 simultaneously across iOS and Android. For Android users still asking where the Drokk Countdown Sector 106 is, then no fear, we’ll be porting that too to your devices early next year too! Sorry for the wait on that one.

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users, if you still haven’t checked out Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 then check out our awesome reveiws here, including a Pocket Gamer Silver Award and a number of 4 and 5 out of 5 review scores! If you want to go right ahead and download it to your Apple device then follow this link. Here’s the promo vid:

Remember to keep checking our Twelve Days of Gamebooks for more awesome gamebook announcements!

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  3. Sweet! So where are the Android versions of Judge Dredd?? I’ve read/played An Assassin in Orlandes and I’m hooked! …just waiting for Android versions….

  4. Coming in the next few months. We’ve had a few contractual issues to tidy up first.

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