…A brand new gamebook series called Gun Dogs!

Long time followers of our blog will know that we’ve been in discussion for quite some time with Lone Wolf co-creator and artist, Gary Chalk, who is collaborating with Greywood Publishing in creating a brand new gamebook series. Well, we can finally announce that Gun Dogs isn’t too far away. In fact the first draft has now been completed by Jamie Wallis at Greywood and will be edited early next year – we’ve read it and it is awesome! The world has been designed from the ground up and is definitely not your traditional fantasy setting – we hope this is the first of many stories that get told in this world.

We’ll be releasing it as part of our new Gamebook Adventures Masters line of digital gamebooks, where we invite notable gamebook legends to create new interactive fiction set in new worlds. We have our second Masters announcement later this month. In the meantime check out the Gun Dogs synopsis and soak up some of Gary Chalk’s amazing artwork!

You have been charged with treason against the empire and placed on death’s row. The emperor offers you a choice: to die a slow and humiliating death or to serve as a Gun Dog. Your decision is obvious, but it will only delay your death for a few days. Gun Dogs have a short life expectancy. A magical collar is placed around your neck. If you try and remove it, you choke to death. If you deviate from the mission or try and escape, you choke to death. Do as your told, serve the empire and redeem yourself and the emperor ‘might’ have it removed one day.

You are given a sword and one of those new-fangled hand guns. Your mission will take you to the furthest outpost of the empire – Fort Wylde. The emperor’s only nephew is serving his first command there and there has been no word from them for three weeks. One pigeon going missing was not unexpected, pigeons can get shot down by Masker Goblins or eaten by Crakes, but when the next two don’t appear, the emperor starts to worry and decides to send off one of his Gun Dogs to investigate.

Congratulations! You will be sent where an army cannot go and an angel would fear to tread. You are expendable. You are a Gun Dog.

If you’re of the Twitter persuasion, follow the Gun Dog himself @LenticaGunDog.

Remember to check our Twelve Days of Gamebooks tomorrow when we’ll be opening door number 4!

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  1. This sounds awesome! Can’t wait until it’s actually available. Great picture too 🙂

  2. Very cool! Anything Gary does is excellent.

  3. sounds good. keep up the good work