…Shira Oka: Alice’s Story!

Ever since we started developing digital gamebooks we’ve always been keen to bring interactive fiction to as many genres as possible outside of our more traditional sword and sorcery gamebooks. One genre of adventure games that we felt would be well suited to our gamebook technology were the Japanese dating simulations, or ren’ai games as they are sometimes known. During the Games Developers Conference hosted in San Francisco back in 2008, Neil met up with the fine folks at Okashi Studios, who were then developing Shira Oka: Second Chances, their anime-themed PC dating game. Neil came away very impressed but at the time he was running his art outsourcing company and Tin Man Games was just a twinkle in his eye, so there was no collaborative opportunity. A few years later though after we released our first few Gamebook Adventures titles, we pitched an idea to Okashi to take the characters of their game and build a gamebook experience around them – they accepted! So began work on Alice’s Story. 😀

Alice is headed to Japan on an exchange program through school. She’s been Hiroshi’s pen pal for ages, and is really excited to meet him. Hiroshi (a bit of a ladies man) is fairly certain she’ll fall for him. However they don’t get along as well as they’d both hoped. Her loud Western nature and discomfort with local customs sets the very traditional Hiroshi offside, and before they know it, they’re basically enemies. They both want the top spot on the Student Council, and a challenge is set in the only way things like this can be resolved, a competition to make the largest onigiri!
You play Alice on her adventure as she learns how to ready herself for the competition. You’ll require Courage and Influence to get your job done, earned through challenges met along the way. Alice, the all American girl, will face things she’s never faced before such as grizzly machines that control the metaphysical, dragon eggs, giant monsters, crazy old men, government conspiracies, head-worms, and a very cranky sentient piece of sushi that is much more than he seems. Join Alice as she braves her new world, completely out of her element, and tries her best to become the President of the Student Council. It’s up to you whether the school is destroyed in the process. No pressure!
A prequel to the anime-themed dating sim adventure Shira Oka: Second Chances by Okashi Studios, Shira Oka: Alice’s Story is Tin Man Games’ first foray into smashing together gamebooks and anime-styled shenanigans.


Shira Oka: Alice’s Story is being written by Melbourne’s own Leena Van Deventer and will be available around Q2 2013. In the meantime if you’d like to check out Okashi Studios’ Shira Oka: Second Chances then you can visit their game page at shira-oka.com and join their facebook page at www.facebook.com/ShiraOkaSecondChances!

We reach our Twelve Days of Gamebooks half way point tomorrow when we’ll be opening door number 6!

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  1. Japanese-style dating sims and UK-style gamebooks? THIS IS AWESOME! 😀