…Some very strange love!

HexBF_blogBack in August we unleashed Strange Loves: Vampire Boyfriends upon the the world, written by the awesome Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows. Strange Loves was certainly a departure from our previous Gamebook Adventures titles and aimed at a completely new audience. witchlady_blogIt was well received, getting some good reviews and was more recently played through and blogged by Marston Eccleston on the Fighting for your Fantasy site (highly recommended site if you like your Fighting Fantasy gamebooks).

So Strange Loves returns early in 2013 with our fantastic new tale, Hex Boyfriends. This time Miellyn takes a backseat role as Producer as we introduce our new writer, Lacy Wilson! It feels like we’ve known Lacy for ages, with our first proper flesh meeting back at PAX East earlier this year, so it’s great to get her work out into the public domain next year. She has written a really great sequel and you’ll no doubt see her back again at some point in the future, playing in the Tin Man Games universe. We’ve also had a change of artist for this one with the artwork provided by Melbourne based, Ashleigh Beevers.

Strange Loves 2: Hex Boyfriends is a funny, romantic, supernatural interactive novel full of spells, grellings, warlocks, demons, graveyards, magical hipsters, tortured artists, a dangerous reverend, and one pretty amazing book that may or may not destroy the world.

Return to Mountain State College in an all new supernatural adventure. This time you’ve got magical fingers and you know how to use them. Learn spells, use magic, fight demons or become one, summon spirit animals, and fall in love all in one gamebook.

From new author Lacy Wilson, Strange Loves 2: Hex Boyfriends has much of what you love about Strange Loves 1: Vampire Boyfriends plus a few surprises. Features include beautiful artwork hand-drawn exclusively for the book from a brand new artist, new music, seamless gameplay, bookmarks, achievements, the ability to tweet straight from the app, and a complex but fun story.


If you want to know more about the first book, Strange Loves 1: Vampire Boyfriends, then check out our Gamebook Adventures page here.

We’ve just 3 days left of Twelve Days of Gamebooks and we’ve still got a few suprises up our sleeves. Check back tomorrow when we’ll be opening Door 10!

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun. I’ll have to pick it up 🙂

  2. I’m glad that there are finally some gamebooks where “you” doesn’t automatically mean heterosexual male protagonist, but I wish there were more books that we non hetero and/or non male readers could chose from and not feel so alienated from the usual “you”.

  3. […] Finally, for all you Strange Loves: Vampire Boyfriends fans out there, Miellyn and Lacy are currently editing our second book in the series Hex Boyfriends! For more info on that then check our blog post here. […]