…Firetop Mountain!


The 30th Anniversary year of Fighting Fantasy is coming to a close and we wanted to finish off our Twelve Days of Gamebooks of 2012 by going back to the gamebook that started it all. We feel very privileged to have the opportunity to develop our apps based on classic gamebooks (many of which we’ve recently announced), but it has to be said that getting the opportunity to develop The Warlock of Firetop Mountain brings a certain magic to proceedings because we know this gamebook has so much history and means so much to so many people.


Deep in the caverns beneath Firetop Mountain lies an untold wealth of treasure, guarded by a powerful Warlock – or so the rumour goes. Several adventurers like yourself have set off for Firetop Mountain in search of the Warlock’s hoard. None has ever returned. Do you dare follow them?

So the scene is set for the gamebook that has been changing the life of many young readers for the last thirty years and it will be our turn to bring this classic back in a digital format for old fans, many of whom are now parents themselves, whilst also introducing it to a generation of new fans. As with Ian Livingstone’s Blood of the Zombies and recently announced House of Hell by Steve Jackson, we’ll be developing The Warlock of Firetop Mountain for iOS and Android, which we’ll release simultaneously on to as many smart phones and tablet configurations as we can. As you may know, Warlock has already had a life as an iOS app by Big Blue Bubble a couple of years ago and we’re very conscious that many fans will have purchased then, so it’s our responsibility to give it a fresh lick of paint and add our own Tin Man style. For droiders out there this is the first time the Warlock will have made an appearance and from the emails and messages we receive there will be a lot of happy Android users out there!

But we’re not stopping there….

As part of the license deal for Fighting Fantasy we’ll also be developing a further six titles in 2013! So get ready for the following…


The Citadel of Chaos

Deep inside the Citadel of Chaos, the dread sorcerer Balthus Dire is plotting the downfall of the goodfolk of the Vale of Willow. His battle plans are laid, his awesome army equipped, and attack is surely imminent. Summoned by a desperate plea for help, YOU are the Vale of Willow’s only hope. As star pupil of the Grand Wizard of Yore and a master sorcerer yourself, you must strike at the very heart of Balthus Dire’s nightmare world. Though you command many powerful spells, the quest may be deadly, for who knows what creatures lie in wait in the Citadel of Chaos?

fordoomForest of Doom

Only the mad or the very brave would willingly risk a journey into Darkwood Forest. Yet it is here you must go to find the missing pieces of the legendary Hammer of Stonebridge. Fashioned by the Dwarves many ages ago, only the warhammer can protect peaceful Stonebridge against its ancient doom. Warned of the monstrous creatures that lurk in Darkwood’s tangled forest, you must first find Yaztromo, the master mage, whose magic may help protect you. But time is short. Can you restore the Hammer before the Trolls destroy Stonebridge for ever?


City of Thieves

Terror stalks the night as Zanbar Bone and his bloodthirsty Moon Dogs hold the prosperous town of Silverton to ransom. YOU are an adventurer, and the merchants of Silverton turn to you in their hour of need.Your mission takes you along dark, twisting streets where thieves, vagabonds and creatures of the night lie in wait to trap the unwary traveller. And beyond lies the most fearsome adventure of them all – the tower stronghold of the infamous Zanbar Bone!
deadungDeathtrap Dungeon
Down in the dark twisting labyrinth of Fang, unknown horrors await you. Devised by the devilish mind of Baron Sukumvit, the labyrinth is riddled with fiendish traps and bloodthirsty monsters, which will test your skills almost beyond the limit of endurance.Countless adventurers before you have taken up the challenge of the Trial of Champions and walked through the carved mouth of the labyrinth, never to be seen again. Should you come out of the labyrinth alive, you will be wealthy beyond your dreams. Do YOU dare enter?
apptfearAppointment with F.E.A.R.
Tough, incorruptible champion of law and order, YOU are the Silver Crusader! Using your superpowers, you protect the innocent citizens of teeming Titan City from the terrorism, violence, kidnapping and corruption of a host of super-villains. Your mission is to discover the location of the top-secret F.E.A.R. meeting, capture the Titanium Cyborg and his cohorts and bring them to justice.
creahavCreature of Havoc

Are you ready for the most unusual Fighting Fantasy adventure yet? You begin this adventure not knowing where you are or who you are. All you know is that you are some kind of creature of instinct, understanding little. During the course of the adventure, it may be possible for you to begin to control your bestial nature, to find out more about yourself, and even to learn your destiny. But even if you know all this, success is by no means certain, for the traps and terrors of Trolltooth Pass are many … Are you ready — to become the Creature of Havoc?

We’ve already begun developing a number of these and hope to get them all out by the end of next year. 2013 is going to be an exciting year for Fighting Fantasy fans and we’re very much looking forward to taking the series in a new and very digital direction!

A few weeks ago Neil was in London for the annual Dragonmeet gathering. As part of the meet, Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson gave a seminar, which covered the background to their famous gamebook series as well as some great stories about starting Games Workshop and securing the first ever rights to sell Dungeons & Dragons in Europe. The whole seminar was filmed by G*M*S Magazine and is a fantastic insight to the careers of two of the most important people in the UK RPG and video games industry, as well as being very amusing – lots of great anecdotes!

So that concludes The Twelve Days of Gamebooks. Thank you for joining us and we hope that you’re as excited as we are about our upcoming releases. 2013 is going to be a big year for Tin Man Games and we’ll be growing in order to get all our gamebook announcements released! Have a wonderful festive time wherever you are. 😀

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  1. amazing just amazing what a twelve days of xmas it has been and what a note to finish on cannot wait for next year bring on 2013 merry xmas happy new year wow just wow!!!!!

  2. Incredible news. I’ll admit I was worried that previous adaptations by other companies may have steered you away from some titles, especially Warlock of Firetop Mountain, so thanks to YOU guys for making my Christmas. Best wishes to you all!

  3. Awesome! Citadel of Chaos is the one that started everything off for me, so that’s good to see here. 😉

  4. Very very happy with your new announcements! I wish you get release the complete collection. (A Spanish reader).

  5. Can’t wait! Some of these titles will be a first read for me since I only have a handful of the original series titles. It will be extra awesome! Thanks guys!

  6. good news!

    will these books have a cheat mode ? and can you use the cheat mode without completing the book first? I’m thinking of the really difficult books which are almost impossible to complete without cheating.

  7. Yes! Each book will come with 3 modes. Hardcore will replicate the book exactly. Medium will give the reader better stats and will make some encounters easier. Finally, Easy Read mode will enable you to have infinite stamina if you require and you will be able to move back and forth in the book at will. In all modes we will include bookmarks, which is like putting your fingers between the pages!

  8. With all this gamebook goodness coming out next year I might just have to give up playing anything else in 2013! Okay, I can’t really do that, but it still sounds like you guys are going to be keeping us gamers really busy next year.

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  10. Oh my god I just soiled myself. I still have most of the FF series, but I’m more than happy to pay just for the automated scorecard. Oooh baby, the day Deathtrap Dungeon comes out I’m quitting my job. That code for the final door is just fiendish.

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  12. looks like im giving you guys lots of my money this year

  13. I’ve recently tried to buy these titles as ebooks, but have been unable to (from Amazon.com). I know they are not your releases, and I am hoping since you are an Australian company, I will have no issues buying the games/books. Since I am in New Zealand I have been blocked from buying the other ebooks through Amazon.com and I cannot find them for sale anywhere else.

    Happy day, I can wait and seeing the old covers with the original artwork is awesome!

  14. I’ll reply to your email Richard.

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