Okay, so he may not by a Martin McKenna or Ian McCaig masterpiece, but Jonathan Green is certainly “da’ man” when it comes to gamebooks. 😀 We’ve had a great relationship with Jon over the last few years with him writing the Pocket Gamer Silver Award winning, Gamebook Adventures 7: Temple of the Spider God, as well as helping us out at Dragonmeet, the UK Games Expo and more recently at the MCM Expo Comic-Con. As well as being an all-round top bloke, Jon is an expert in gamebook writing and is especially knowledgeable about writing Fighting Fantasy gamebooks and knows a lot about the history and lore behind the series. This makes him the perfect person to be behind the upcoming YOU ARE THE HERO,  a ‘coffee table’ book celebrating 30 years of Fighting Fantasy!

You_Are_The_HeroJon is using Kickstarter to get the financial support to help get the book made. At the time of writing this blog post he’s around two-thirds of the way to reaching the £15,000 goal. With 10 days to go it’s looking achievable but really needs that extra last push to make sure it gets over the finishing line. £15k is only the minimum that’s required to get this on to the printing press, so more funds would go a long way to making the book bigger, with more new artwork by some of the greats of FF. So please, please, please lend your support to this great Kickstarter project. If you’re a Fighting Fantasy, gamebook or general fantasy/sci-fi enthusiast then you’ll find some amazing pledge rewards such as signed copies, artwork and even lunch with Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone!

YOU ARE THE HERO Kickstarter page


YOU ARE THE HERO Facebook page

And while we’re on the subject of Jonathan Green…

If you’ve been following the blog for a while you will know that we’ve been hinting for some time about a new Jonathan Green – Tin Man Games collaboration. We can announce that this will be happening this year! We couldn’t squeeze it into our Twelve Days of Gamebooks announcements (plus we currently don’t have any artwork created) so we wanted to mention it here instead. 🙂 Jon’s new book will be part of our new Gamebook Adventures Masters series (alongside Gary Chalk’s Gun Dogs) and will hopefully be the first of many in his new setting.

We proudly present Jonathan Green’s Codename: Crusader

In Codename: Crusader you are a Templar, one of a group of elite warriors schooled in the arts of modern warfare but also inducted into the greater secrets regarding the true nature of reality and Man’s place in the everlasting battle between good and evil.

The story is set five minutes into the future, in what at first would appear to be the world we know – or at least the world we think we know. The truth of the matter is that supernatural forces do exist, with both angels and demons fighting over the future fate of mankind, aided and abetted by their mortal allies.

The adventure begins with the hijacking of an airliner but from there events spiral out of control to reveal a plot to bring about Armageddon and the end of the world itself.

So if you like the idea of helicopter gunships going up against giant robots, or elite special forces troopers, armed with the latest weaponry, battling defrosted Nazi zombies, resurrected Egyptian mummies and even demons, then Codename: Crusader is for you.

The end of the world has never been so exciting!

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