We’ve been a little quiet on the blog recently as we’ve been busy getting our latest digital gamebook finished – plus the Twelves Days of Gamebooks killed us off for a few weeks. Just like the undead though, we have risen and can now proudly announce that our second Fighting Fantasy app, House of Hell, will be officially released across all platforms tomorrow – Wednesday 30th Jan!

Android users have had an early treat this time round, being able to play it for the last week or so. So far we’ve had an amazing response from all the fans and we want to thank everyone who has taken the time to review and leave awesome comments. Now it’s the turn of our Apple-loving Fighting Fantasy and Gamebook Adventures fans to enjoy the classic horror adventure written by Steve Jackson! Please spread the word, as the more downloads we get, the more chances there are to revive many more of the classics from the 80s and 90s.

Enjoy the promo and we look forward to you embracing the FEAR within the House of Hell! 😀

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  1. Hello
    Please, make a translation this game in czech language, very please

  2. We would love to if we were confident that we would sell enough copies to justify it. Are FF books available in Czech Rep. in printed form?

  3. yes, ff books is available in CZ and very popular, specialy Pekelný dům (House of hell)

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