We’re not sure where the time goes. One minute you’re toasting the New Year and the next moment time is already racing through February! We didn’t do a December update because this kinda happened and we felt that was more than enough updates for anyone. It’s safe to say that the Twelve Days of Gamebooks was a total success as we had our biggest ever visitor count to the blog across December with most popular posts being the announcements of Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Trial of the Clone. Anyway, all of that is soooo 2012, so let’s get 2013 underway (a month and a bit later).


If you follow this blog or follow us on Twitter and Facebook then you won’t have failed to see that our second Fighting Fantasy digital gamebook has been released on to Android and iOS! House of Hell was the 10th gamebook to be published by Puffin back in 1984 and is a bit of a fan favourite. Why did we release that second? Well it was also a favourite of Neil’s too when he was a kid, and we felt it sat well as the unofficial predecessor to Blood of the Zombies. If somehow you haven’t about the hellish goings-on then check out our awesome House of Hell promo video (put together by the guys at The Trailer Farm) and some great press coverage that we’re really proud of. We also hit the heights of the New & Noteworthy features on the UK App Store yesterday too! All in all, it’s been a pretty great release for us, with some great feedback too from Fighting Fantasy fans from around the world.

While Ben and Neil have been working their socks off getting House of Hell out of the door, they also found time in January for a couple of podcast interviews. The first of these was with the very entertaining chaps from We Are The Lolocaust who regularly record a pocast called The Bantersnatch. You can listen to it here. The other is being released later this month – we’ll let you know the details.


We’ve got a lot going on at the moment with various gamebook projects at various stages. Our main focus is on five apps: Trial of the Clone, Hex Boyfriends, Les Fils d’Uruzimé, Forest of Doom and Deathtrap Dungeon. We are hoping the release the first three of these sometime in March, with the two Fighting Fantasy titles in early April. Trial of the Clone is moving swiftly and we already have the Wil Wheaton audio in our possession, which sounds awesome. This is our first audiogamebook experiment and if the gamebook fans like it I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t add this into our other titles in the future. We already have a couple of interested voiceover peeps waiting in the wings if we go this route.

On top of these new releases we’re also in the process of bringing Temple of the Spider God and Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 to Android too! Expect to see them appearing on the various Android Stores over the next couple of months.


As you will have seen from our December announcements, we have so much buzzing around that it would be crazy to list everything here. Things I can mention is that Gary Chalk’s Gun Dogs is nearing completion from a content point-of-view, we’ll be releasing some new Gamebook Adventurs titles around May time and things are progressing well with Herbie Brennan’s gamebook titles! We’ve also recently signed up Fighting Fantasy artist, Tony Hough, to illustrate an unannouced Gamebook Adventures title and we’re about to sign up our Bubba Zebill for Judge Dredd: The Dark!

Finally we’re definitely going to be at PAX East in Boston at the end of March too. We’re doing things slightly differently this year and will let you know more when we’re allowed to! Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows (Vampire Boyfriends) and Lacy Wilson (Hex Boyfriends) will be joining Neil as well as being involved with a panel too. It’s gonna be an amazing trip and as usual we can’t wait for PAX! 😀

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