Another month comes and goes and we’re racing through the dystopian future that is 2013 with the BBC being overrun by zombies and an attack of android arachnids.


As the month came to a close we received some great coverage of our first Fighting Fantasy release, Blood of the Zombies in the form of a brilliant feature by Kate Russell on Click, the BBC’s tech show.

katerussellThis came about after Kate, who is a big Fighting Fantasy fan, met with Ian Livingstone a while back. It was a complete surprise to see this appear and not only that but she completely understands Fighting Fantasy and gets our intentions for the app, which put huge grins on Neil and Ben. In Kate’s words: “it gives you that full 1980s experience!” 😀

The impact of this feature could not be undertstated. Within 48 hours Blood of the Zombies shot into the Top 100 of the Paid UK iPad Games chart and made a dent in our Android sales too. It just shows that mainstream marketing can have a real impact on downloads and this completely justifies our journey into more licensed gamebooks. Kate will be pleased to know that Deathtrap Dungeon will be coming very soon!

Full link to the video is here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p015rf17

Link to our Blood of the Zombies apps here: http://fightingfantasyapps.com/books/blood-of-the-zombies


spidergoddroidIt’s been a long time coming but Jonathan Green’s Temple of the Spider God finally makes its Android appearance! Not only that but it also makes its French language debut too (Le Temple du Dieu Araignée), which is our first ever French gamebook on the Android platform. We already have French versions of a few of our titles on iOS and we’ll slowly transition all of those on to Android in the coming months too.

Spider God was really well received when it dropped on to the App Store late 2011 and as well as getting some pretty great rankings, it was also a Pocket Gamer Award nominee, losing out to a pesky green elf. As you might imagine, Jonathan Green, writer of many Fighting Fantasy gamebooks is very excited about his first Gamebook Adventures finally hitting Android!

“Cesaro Cortez, a famed explorer-conquistador, set out three years ago on his last great expedition. His ships never returned to an Orlandrian port and he was feared lost until a mysterious cargo appeared recently in Miramar. The nature of this cargo will put Orlandes in jeopardy, sending you on an epic journey to find Cortez, save the country and face your darkest fear!”

Here’s what Pocket Gamer had to say about it at the time: “For those of us who grew up with the Fighting Fantasy books, this is almost like a homecoming. It’s a great modern equivalent to the books many of us loved as youngsters, with the same kind of attention to detail and thrilling fantastical touches that made these adventures so enjoyable. A splendidly written interactive fantasy story that will keep you hooked until the very end.” – 8 out of 10 review (Silver Award)

Jonathan Green’s blog post on the release

Link to Temple of the Spider God on Google Play



For the second year running we have an app in the Pocket Gamer Awards. Like previous awards we’re nominated in the Best Adventure/RPG category, this time for Blood of the Zombies! So if you’re a fan of what we do please, please, please drop on over to the website and give us your vote! Every vote counts as we’re up against some stiff oposition.

Link to the Pocket Gamer Awards 2013: http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/pgawards2013.asp


As our titles are such a niche genre it’s quite rare that we get featured on any of the App Stores. We were quite gutted when Blood of the Zombies, even with all it’s accolades on release, failed to make a feature on the Apple App Store. So we were more than a little chuffed to see that Fighting Fantasy: House of Hell was featured in the New & Noteworthy section on many of the international stores, most notably the UK!


We still have to pinch ourselves at times when our apps appear next to names such as Fifa, Hunger Games, Where’s My Water and Wreck-it-Ralph and it certainly helped get more exposure than we normally would have and we’re really proud to be the standard bearers for the Fighting Fantasy brand in the app space!

As an added bonus our latest Mac App Store release, Gamebook Adventures 6: The Wizard from Tarnath Tor, was also featured on the Mac App Store. Our Mac sales have always been quite small, so it was nice to get a much needed boost and hopefully bring Gamebook Adventures to some Mac gamers that wouldn’t have known it was there!


TIMJ_logoNeil was also recently interviewed on the This Is My Joystick podcast by Neil Hickton and had a great time. You can find out about how Tin Man Games got started as well as finding out some sneaky information on some of things we have going on at the moment!

Link to podcast here: http://thisismyjoystick.com


Away from the limelight we’ve been busily beavering away on Zach Weinersmith’s Trial of the Clone and hope to have a build up and running this week. We’re gunning for an Android release for PAX East in a few weeks time – fingers crossed we make it as we’ve spent money on an ad in the PAX East brochure! We’re also trying to get a build of Hex Boyfriends completed, our second Strange Loves releases as well as finalise the release of Les Fils d’Uruzimé.

Closely following all of those we also have Ian Livingstone’s second Fighting Fantasy gamebook release by us, Forest of Doom, almost primed and ready to go! We’re hoping to quickly follow this up with his other FF classic, Deathtrap Dungeon.

Finaly Gary Chalk’s Gun Dogs is entering the last stages of editing and that won’t be too far away either. BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!


*Takes a breath* We’ve also started getting Appointment with FEAR underway, the first first Grail Quest book, The Castle of Darkness, as well as a host of other things including the Windhammer App, Dredd 2, French and Spanish Fighting Fantasy releases, and Jon Green recently tweeted that he’s busy writing Codename: Crusader! So much gamebook goodness that our brains may just explode!

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    Sorry for the caps, but that deserved it.. There are certain series being released in digital form that would make my year and those are

    Grail Quest
    Way of the Tiger
    Lone Wolf

    and you just pulled one out of a hat. Awesome news!