indie_megaboothHi there, Tin Man Neil here still enjoying a very cold Boston! It’s been an amazing PAX East weekend this year hanging with the Bostonian nerd-herd. As we mentioned in our previous post this year we were part of the Indie Megabooth, a collective of indie developers occupying the biggest floor space of the convention. While PAX for Tin Man Games is always special, being part of the Megabooth has added a completely new dimension to this year. I’ve met some amazing indies through many of the social networking events that have been put on for us and it’s left me completely inspired and invigorated, even though I am exhausted after 3 days and nights of crazy paced exhibiting and networking!

All of the indies I’ve met over the weekend are super-talented people with some amazing games (seriously, there are some that are gonna rock the gaming world this year) and were willing to talk and share their experiences of what they do and how they do it. It’s amazing just how many similarities there are in regards to certain issues that we face, even in different countries, and these events are great to give and receive advice, swap dev-notes and basically just help each other out. The star of the Megabooth has to be Kelly Wallick, a tireless indie crusader, who organised the whole thing and her crew of volunteers (massive high-fives to head volunteer wrangler, Eric Chon and PAX enforcer, Kim Garnett) that made sure we were well looked after throughout the show. I even attended Kelly’s talk on Saturday evening about running the Megabooth and it was a great insight to the 2-3 year history and amazing to see how far it had come. Thank Kelly if you are reading this – you are awesome!

2013-03-22 10.58.35So what did we do this year? Well we had a bunch of banners covering the booth and a couple of iPad stands for people to play on as well as a huge TV and speaker system showing off our recent trailers. Blood of the Zombies and Temple of the Spider God had a lot of play-time, but Dredd, Vampire Boyfriends and House of Hell also got some action. I had Trial of the Clone demo-ing on the Kindle Fire and we had some massive Zach Weinersmith fans come and take a look (attracted by our cool new banner), many of them involved with his original Kickstarter. totc_bannerOn the stand this year was regular PAXer and super-talented Strange Loves writer/producer, Miellyn Barrows, and joining us for the first time was our good Aussie friend, Kamina Vincent (pictured above) who danced her way into the hearts of many of the passers-by! A huge thanks to them both as I really don’t know what I would have done without them, especially when I was dead on my feet. Also a quick thanks to Megabooth volunteer, Eric Chi who helped me out on Sunday morning!

One of the highlights of the show for me was the Foreplay: Romance in Games panel that Miellyn had organised on Sunday morning. It was hosted by the long-time friend of TMG, the amazing Sean Baptiste from Fire Hose Games and they were joined by Lacy Wilson (writer for our upcoming Hex Boyfriends), our favourite Tin Man Games groupies from Press2Reset, Melissa Kay and Aenne Schumann as well as Hilary Shapiro from BioWare and one of the voice actors from Mass Effect. There was a number of subjects that were covered and they each discussed how romance was used in both modern and retro games. They told highly amusing personal stories of their romantic gaming encounters – both successful and complete disasters. The audience loved it and it was a real success! Miellyn also plugged us a fair bit too, which was great!


Happy to say that PAX East was a great year for us this year. As we now have iOS, Android and desktop versions as well as covering multiple genres in fantasy, sci-fi, horror, comics and supernatural romance I felt that we had something to offer every visitor to the booth. Most went away, either promising to buy one of our apps or recommending us to someone they knew. We ended up handing out around 1500 flyers and over 1000 postcards advertising a range of our apps so hopefully they have now made their way to the various corners of the US. I was able to meet with some old fans that I recognised and made a ton of new ones. If you’re reading this and were one of the ones that visited our booth – thank you. 🙂

I also want to give a blog shout out to some of the awesome indies that you should check out: Nyamyam (Tengami), Young Horses (Octodad), Popcannibal (Girls Like Robots), Fire Hose Games (Go Home Dinosaurs), Dejobaan (Drunken Robot Pornography), Muteki (Dragon Fantasy 2), Compulsion Games (Contrast), Kumobius (Time Surfer) and Facepalm Games (The Swapper). There are tons more and I seriously recommend you check out indiemegabooth.com. I want to also thank Sean Baptiste for pointing a couple of amazing networking opportunities in my direction and his wife for also making sure we were fed and had enough coffee. Also a big thank you to Miellyn’s husband, Shaun, for all his help with lugging around my stupidly heavy bags and boxes and for helping set up and break down the booth. Finally I want to lastly say an official blog thanks to the awesome Canadian indie devs, Cantankerous Games, who took me out for seafood last night. Ones to watch!

It’s Monday night and the hotel lobby where I am writing this right now was full of boardgamers and RPG gamers over the weekend but sadly is now replaced by suits and business chatter. So PAX East really is over. Time to go back to my lovely little family. I’ve missed them loads!


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  1. It was a pleasure to meet you as well, Neil! The Tin Man Games booth looked great, and you were all wonderful people.

  2. A. Come to PAX Prime.

    B. Bring T-Shirts for SALE. I would buy at least two.

  3. We may be at Prime! Not sure about selling t-shirts though as Washington State has a bunch of strange tax laws.

  4. Was great to finally meet you too Chris! Next year we should do beers.