No this isn’t a post about the dreaded PAX-POX, but a collection of some of the press coverage and other stuff we’ve picked up whilst exhibiting in Boston!

First up, we hit Kotaku in an article called This Is Why Australian Developers Head To PAX East! Neil is interviewed about just why we make the bi-annual PAX migrations.

Secondly is an interview with GAME.minder’s Jeremy Handel:

One of Neil’s highlights of the con was getting to spend an hour attending the Foreplay: Romance in Games panel hosted by Fire Hose Games’ Sean Baptiste and including our very own Miellyn Barrows and Lacy Wilson! The great thing is that it was filmed and recorded so choose your posion and check out a highly amusing 60 mins.

Audio on  the Nerd Appropriate podcast…







Video from Press2Reset:

Gamebook Adventures also gets featured in Exiled in Geeksville’s Indie Games and Music take over PAX.

Neil gives a  great audio interview with Just Press Start!

A very tired looking Neil gets interviewed by a toy superhero figurine in The Inanimate Players Return To PAX East.

We also get a mention on Lifehacker in an article titled Why Promoting Your Software Can Work Better In Person.

Another video interview on Casual Gameplay – also lot of other links to the other indies in the Megabooth!

Yest another video interview has surfaced (showing a less tired looking Neil) on BoardGameGeek.

Full article link with other PAX interviews.

(Watch out for the Special Guest Appearance of Spiderman!) 🙂

We’ll be adding more stuff as it appears!

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  1. […] If this is the first time you’ve come across Strange Loves before and want to get in the minds of the creators, then both Miellyn and Lacy were involved with a fantastic panel recently at PAX East called Foreplay: Romance in Games, which can be accessed as either video or audio right here. […]