So enough of the PAX chatter already – we’ve got some gamebooks to release! We wanted to update the blog with some release info for April (and probably May) and just to spice things up a little we have some exclusive images from those upcoming gamebooks too. YAY!

First up…




plasmaster_blogSneaky Google Play Android gamebookers will have already had a taste of this as we released it just over a week ago! We’re currently finalising our iOS submission and all being well should hit the App Store later this month. The iOS version will contain the Wil Wheaton voiceover as part of the download, unlike with the Android version where we have been hampered by filesize limits. We’ve had a few complaints from Droiders in that they need to be near wifi to stream the voiceover and would rather download it in one hit – well you can blame Android pirates for that sadly :(. As we have to host the sound files, it would cost us a lot of money for all those sneaky eye-patched, hook-handed, thieving morons to download the complete audio each time, especially if many are unlikely to play the gamebook through to completion. A big “Grrrrr”, but nothing we can do about it unfortunately.

Apart from that small matter we’ve had an incredible response from our Android Trial of the Clone fans and if you’ve bought it – THANK YOU! We’re currently holding a 4.7/5 star rating on Google Play and have had some awesome reviews. People are loving Zach’s book! If you haven’t read it and like a dose of intensely fun geekery mixed into a crazy sci-fi universe, with a hint of irony and introspective sardonic wit, then you’ll love it. It’s 17+, so not one for the kiddies!

Google Play download here:









We’ve been getting a lot of enquiries as to when Ian Livingstone’s Forest of Doom (or The Forest of Doom as it may be known – we’re not sure yet) is being released. It’s around 75% complete with achievements, testing and some user-interface artwork still to be completed. We’re hoping to get our third Fighting Fantasy gamebook released by the end of April!

FOD also marks the debut of our new colourist, John-Paul Bove, best know for his wonderful colour work on IDW’s Transformers comics. As a sneaky treat here is the Wyvern from FOD that well and truly shows off John-Paul’s awesome abilities! He’ll also be colouring the upcoming Deathtrap Dungeon and Appointment with FEAR too. 😀

J-P Bove’s deviantART page:








Speaking of Fighting Fantasy, we’re about to do a deal with Gallimard that will bring the option to read the gamebooks, known as Défis Fantastiques in France, to French readers! This is great news as it widens our market for the series in France, Canada and Belgium. It’s going to take a while, but we hope to offer the French versions pretty soon after the English release and this will be accessed in the options in the much the same way we do with our Gamebook Adventures French versions at the moment. Longer term we are also looking at Spanish, Portuguese, German and more. 🙂

The first French release will be House of Hell, better known as Le Manoir de l’Enfer!


Biblio_blogSeeing as we’re on French gamebooks, later this month we’ll also be looking to release our French only gamebook (English to come) and first Gamebook Adventures Choices release, Les Fils d’Uruzimé. This is a lovingly crafted Lovecraftian tale with some gorgeous artwork as you can see here. We’re just sorting the achievements and organising some testing, after which we’ll get the submission process rolling…

So potentially four new releases across iOS and Android and we haven’t even mentioned GA7: Temple of the Spider God coming to desktop as well as Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 and Infinite Universe hitting Android too! Best get cracking. 😀


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  1. Great to see you guys so busy! Once I upgrade my phone, there are a bunch of these that I want to write reviews for.