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Over the last year we’ve been slowly converting all our gamebooks over to Mac and PC to be sold via Desura and the Mac App Store. Having released many of our Gamebook Adventures fantasy gamebooks, we’ve finally been able to release our first Strange Loves title, Vampire Boyfriends, on Desura! If you’ve never had an opportunity to read our gamebooks on mobile devices (not everyone has a smartphone or tablet as we’ve found out when exhibiting at PAX and other expos) then maybe give our desktop version a whirl. 😀

hex_bf_illoWhile we’re on the subject of Strange Loves, we can now announce that we’re into the final editing stage of Hex Boyfriends by Lacy Wilson, our bewitching follow-up to those sexy vampires. All illustrations have been complete and we hope to release this across our array of platforms sometime during May. Hot on the heels of that title will be Two-Faced Boyfriends that will complete the current trilogy – expect to see that around August!

If this is the first time you’ve come across Strange Loves before and want to get in the minds of the creators, then both Miellyn and Lacy were involved with a fantastic panel recently at PAX East called Foreplay: Romance in Games, which can be accessed as either video or audio right here.


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