Yet another month draws to a close and the Tin Men and Minions have been busy on a number of upcoming gamebook projects, as well as doing our usual app promotional activities. Here’s a rundown of what’s been going on this month!


So April saw our big release of Zach Weinersmith’s Trial of the Clone, which was very well received and chalked up a number of glowing reviews across the interwebz! It was a staggered release across Google Play first, which coincided with our attendence at PAX East, and then later released across the iOS App Store and later, Amazon Appstore for Android and Nook Apps.

2013-04-17 14.28.14Highlights of the release, other than the great reviews, was our Pocket Gamer ‘Game of the Week’ (due we think to our awesome Facebook following) and the our rankings in the Books category of the iOS App Store. We reached to #1 in the UK iPhone Books chart for a couple of days (as well as Finland strangely) and climbed as high as #5 in the US iPhone Books chart too – also charting at #2 in Canada and New Zealand. We also had a strong showing in the iPad charts too, which overall catapulted Trial of the Clone into the Overall Apps charts in a few countries.

So what does this mean for sales? Well, seeing as Books is a relatively new category for us, we can now see how many gamebooks we need to sell to scale that chart. We did notice a quick drop-off should numbers dip, even slightly. Overall it was a good insight into a side of the iOS App Store that we’ve not visited very often. Time will tell whether we go into Books again, or stay in the Games category. One thing we’re pretty sure of is that because of the age rating, it probably won’t be featured, which is a shame considering we got press coverage everywhere.

As a final treat, Zach Weiner made a hop over to the UK from the US last week and hung out with Neil, who is currently based there for a short time. The aim was to throw as much Englishness at Zach as possible, which was achieved we think. You can’t go wrong with an old thatched pub in the middle of the countryside called The Green Dragon. 🙂


Talking of forests and dragons, The Forest of Doom is about 95% complete for Android and iOS. We know we said in our last round-up that we would like to see a release in April, but sadly that hasn’t happened, so we’re really sorry about that. This is due to a number of factors, one of which we can’t discuss. We can reveal we have spent the last two weeks working on something that, if it comes off, is very cool and will be a big boost to Tin Man Games in the future.

So expect to see The Forest of Doom making the news on the blog in the next few weeks!


Neil has been in a chatty mood recently and has been interviewed a LOT! If you’re interested in hearing/reading about our history, how we work and a bit about our future titles then check out the links below:

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BOTZ_nom_certIt’s our second year in the Pocket Gamer Awards. Last year we were undone by a pesky elf dressed in green and this year we have been undone by one of our own undead kind in the form of The Walking Dead!

We’ll let them off though, not because of their undead status, but more because we love the comic-books and the game is pretty awesome too. *grumble grumble* 😉


As previously mentioned, we’re currently finishing off The Forest of Doom. We’re also racing through our development of Deathtrap Dungeon too and hope to have that released in June! Fighting Fantasy fans will be keen to know that Appointment with FEAR and The Citadel of Chaos are also in full development.

French gamebook fans can also join in the FF fun soon as Le Manoir de l’Enfer is entering the last stages of testing and will arrive as an update to the iOS and Android versions soon. This will be followed by our first Gamebook Adventures Choices gamebook apps, Les Fils d’Uruzimé, a French-only gamebook put together by the awesome Studio 09 team. To find out more about that, check out our blog post here.

If you’re a fan of 80’s gamebooks then you’ll also be pleased to hear that Gary Chalk’s Gun Dogs and Grailquest 1: The Castle of Darkness are also now in development!

Finally, for all you Strange Loves: Vampire Boyfriends fans out there, Miellyn and Lacy are currently editing our second book in the series Hex Boyfriends! For more info on that then check our blog post here.


As well as all the things we’ve discussed here, we have our Dredd team producing some amazing work for our Judge Dredd sequel, The Dark (more on that in the next couple of months). We also have 3 Gamebook Adventures titles incoming and nearly have all the artwork completed for those, which look amazing!! Further afield, we’re taking part in a couple of Kickstarter projects to be announced and we’re also in discussions about licensing some other old gamebook series’. All will be revealed if, and when that happens.

Stay tuned gamebookers!


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  1. Neil, I just had an epiphany. Have you considered a subscription based user account for your readers…they pay monthly and get access to your gamebooks. The re-occurring subscription fee is a good place to be, and the amount of existing material plus new material you deliver would make this a value-added service to readers so to speak.

  2. Sadly, I think this would clash with a number of the app store agreements we have in place and would be hard to regulate.

  3. My boy likes the game,thanks for every thing.