We’re no stranger to Kickstarter projects having recently developed and published Trial of the Clone for iOS and Android, so when the Dwarven Lords over at Black Chicken Studios contacted us to work with them on their latest Kickstarter, we grabbed our battleaxes, combed our beards, then sat down and started singing about gold. (*ahem* reference to all you old early 80s text-based adventure game geeks ;))


So, behold Holdfast: A Gamebook of Dwarven Vengeance! Down in the deeps of the Stormwall mountains lay vast kingdoms of worked stone, jeweled lanterns and polished axes. Gon Durul, Halsond and the Westerdeep…their proud halls are no more: their great treasuries laid bare, their warriors slain at the gates, and their crowns hidden away in Seven Helms.

Clanless though you may be, the fires of anger against those that have stolen from, shamed and injured your people burn as hot in you as in any dwarf. Now, the tale can be told of how a chance discovery in a forgotten tomb will lead you to a ruined fortress, and how, through courage, battle and cunning you will carve out a Holdfast of your people in the Deeps!

We’ll be working with Black Chicken Studios to bring the gamebook to iOS, Android and desktop, using our gamebook engine to take their booky version into the digital realm. To do this though, BCS still need your help to raise $20,000. Check out their Holdfast Kickstarter page for more details about the project! Currently they’ve raised just over $7000 and have 22 days left, so YOU can make the difference.

Black Chicken have already started carving out their dwarven landscape and you can follow their many updates about the project here. Current updates tell the tale of Runbrida Vengeance-Taker (illustrated above) as well as the Holdfast drinking game (for responsible adults of course)!

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