Our 8th Orlandes based Gamebook Adventures app, and sequel to “An Assassin Orlandes” needs a title and we need your help! We’ve been back and forth with a number of names for some time now and can’t decide. We want it to match with the original, so either “A <something> in Orlandes” or “An Assassin <something something>”.

The sequel is a follow-on story from the first book where you yet again find yourself up against an assassin (known for wearing a black helmet). This time they are aiming at those around you, namely members of your old adventuring group (The Death Hawks – NOTE: This may be renamed). You must track down this mysterious murderer as well as solve the mystery of a strange drought and the re-appearance of some strange creatures that walk the land!

So please fill in the survey below. If you supply your email address you’ll be entered into a draw to win some free Tin Man Games apps (we may also throw in some physical goodies too!)


We’ll announce the name and winner in a couple of weeks. 😀

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  2. “Another Assassin in Orlandes” is stated twice. Lapsus from the one who wrote the article? ;D
    Anyway, I personally don’t like the ones formed as “A [something else] in Orlandes”, because it sounds more like a rip-off than like a sequel. Not so enticing for newcomers. :/

    “Curse of the Assassin” sounds like the poor hero keeps attracting the attention of killers, like flies, I really like that!

    But “Another Assassin” is the clearest title for a sequel, closest to “Assassin 2” without looking like a bad Hollywood moneypot.

    Yeah, I know, you asked for votes, not arguments, but I can’t help it. A silent vote isn’t as interesting (and maybe helpful?) as an opinion. 🙂