Forgotten Spell coverCROPBack when we ran our Twelve Days of Gamebooks in December we mentioned an exciting collaboration with writer, Louisa Dent, in bringing her epic Spellcaster Trilogy to life as apps. As we mentioned in our original post, the first book, The Forgotten Spell, was originally published as a paperback way back in 2006. Sadly the following three books were never published so Louisa has been on a mission for the last few years looking to self-publish the trilogy herself and intends to bring paper versions to market. In a strange case of serendipity Louisa lives in Melbourne, just a few miles down the road from our office, so it was almost destined that we should collaborate in creating apps based on the books!

Our newest Tin Man Games member and gamebook technician/producer, Ben Kosmina, has been busy putting the app together and is doing a sterling job especially as this is his first TMG gamebook construction.  Louisa has hired Tony Hough, notable for his illustrations in some of the recent Fighting Fantasy releases such as Bloodbones, Knights of Doom and Night Dragon to bring the faerie kingdom to life. The screenshot below shows Tony’s unique style, which lends itself perfectly to The Forgotten Spell. We’ve also hired some of our usual TMG stalwarts, Dan Maxwell and Adrian Watkins, to create an amazing interface and beautiful soundtrack respectively. Overall The Forgotten Spell is turning into one of our best looking gamebook apps to date and we can’t wait to unleash it. The series is aimed at a younger breed of gamebook reader and so a completely new market for us – exciting times for sure!


This is no ordinary book. Dare to open it and you will be entering a world of real magic where you decide what happens. Your quest will take you to Suidemor, the decaying city of the faeries, where you must search for the Forgotten Spell, a powerful enchantment which has been cast over the King of the Elder Fey. The city is now ruled by the warlock Olcrada, and all that stands in his way is you. With nothing but an elementary spell book and your luck and wit to protect you, you will be called upon to collect valuables, solve puzzles and use magic against the myriad of evil foes that await you.

If you want more information about the series or want to pre-order a printed version of the first book then head over to Louisa’s Spellcaster Gamebooks site at www.spellcastergamebooks.com.

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  1. Only 370 sections :< Ask author to add some exclusive extras