Ever since we first created our Gamebook Adventures apps we have always had achievements included as part of the gaming experience. When Apple launced Game Center in 2010 we naturally included all of our achievements as part of GC and have continued to do so in all our apps.

GA2_208xEagle-eyed Gamebook Adventures fans will have noticed that The Siege of the Necromancer received a significant update this week which, as well as finally updating the old icon and moving GA2 to our new Unity based engine, also had Game Center removed. Why is this? Apple have asked us to remove Game Center from our apps as sadly they are not compliant. One of the reasons given was that our games don’t take advantage of social or multiplayer gaming. Maybe we have been flying under the radar so far (there are so many apps for Apple to track I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case) or maybe Apple have bigger plans for Game Center? We don’t know. All we do know is that we’re not compliant and need to update our apps accordingly.

We’re big fans of Apple as they have given us an amazing platform to bring back gamebooks in digital form so we’ll happily comply to ensure that we can continue to do so! We realise though that a lot of our fanbase have been using Game Center to track their achievements over the last few years. We apologise to anyone that is affected by the removal of the service and we hope that you’ll continue to join us in our adventures. Expect a raft of updates for our titles over the coming weeks.

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