gcap13Hello! Neil here. You’d be forgiven in thinking that after our 5th year anniversary we had been suffering a massive hangover as we haven’t posted for a weeks. In fact, truth be told we’ve been suffering quite a few hangovers as last week Melbourne hosted Game Connect Asia Pacific 2013 (which we proudly sponsored) as well as the Australian Game Developer Awards. Both Ben and I were involved with GCAP this year in the form of a talk and panel and the Tin Man Games crew (now 4 of us!) had a great time hanging out with the wonderful game development community in Melbourne.

If you follow us you know that I’m currently based in the UK, so it was a real treat to join the team for a couple of weeks down under in our beautiful city. There were many highlights of my trip but I think the IGDA Melbourne meet up was the ultimate high point for me as Ben gave me a very special present on the night in front of the gathered crowd. necro_bookIt turns out that Ben and our team have been secretly crafting a physical version my book The Siege of the Necromancer, which I wrote a few years ago and was our second digital gamebook that we released.

Yes, let that sink in…“a real book”. Properly edited for paperback. Properly laid out. Properly everything. It even has an ISBN! To say that it was a shock is an understatement and was such a wonderful thing, not only for me but for Gamebook Adventures as it now paves the way for us to publish real versions of our books. Dare I say it? We’re book publishers…!

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