mungo_blogIan Livingstone’s Island of the Lizard King!

Mungo, one of the great companions of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. A fearless sidekick and old adventuring buddy, who has a taste for crab sandwiches and enjoys hanging out with pirates…or so we hear! 😉 This hardy soul will set sail with you to the Island of the Lizard King this December. Together, your mission is to rescue the young men of Oyster Bay from a future of slavery, starvation and lingering death. Their captors, a race of Lizard Men from Fire Island, are ruled by a mad and dangerous Lizard King, who holds sway over his land of mutants by the strange powers of black magic and voodoo!

This was originally the 7th Fighting Fantasy gamebook in the old Puffin series and is a bit of a favourite with old fans. The cover by Iain McCaig is one of those iconic images that captured imaginations of young readers back in the 1980s. The story is set on the continent of Allansia and has direct geographical links to Ian’s two other early FF gamebooks, Deathtrap Dungeon (you travel from Fang) and City of Thieves (Oyster Bay is just down the coast from Port Blacksand). In fact a certain blogger recently loosely linked the three as a kind of of trilogy! Those who really enjoy geeking out on world lore would be interested to know that Oyster Bay is also just to the south-west of Darkwood Forest, the setting for The Forest of Doom. (Allansia map)


Island of the Lizard King uses the same gamebook engine as The Forest of Doom and we have a new UI artist, Adam Mazzitelli, who has created a fitting interface to capture the feel of Fire Island. We also welcome back Ryan Grogan, last seen creating the soundtrack for GA6: The Wizard from Tarnath Tor, who has crafted a brand new score. Josh Wright also returns adding colour to Alan Langford’s classic pen and ink illustrations.

LizardKingLogoIsland of the Lizard King will be available on Android (Google Play/Amazon) in the next two weeks, shortly followed on iOS, hopefully before the Apple shutdown. Fingers crossed!

Join us again tomorrow when we open the second door of The Twelve Days of Gamebooks! It promises to be something new that we haven’t mentioned before. 🙂

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