…some amazing new Gamebook Adventures artwork!

We couldn’t have The Twelve Days of Gamebooks without our very own Gamebook Adventures series. Our beloved Orlandes has returned to life this year with the critically acclaimed release of Curse of the Assassin and soon we’ll be travelling south across the seas to Rema in Sultans of Rema (released in January), a direct sequel to our third GA gamebook, Slaves of Rema.

Back in September we released some information about the next 3 Gamebook Adventures (after Sultans), but we didn’t show any artwork, until now! So feast your eyes on amazing illustrations by Simon Lissaman, Tony Hough and Pirkka Harvala.

Awakening of Asuria written by Stuart Lloyd and illustrated by Tony Hough


Songs of the Mystics written by Kieran Coghlan and illustrated by Pirkka Harvala


Lords of Nurroth written by Dylan Birtolo and illustrated by Simon Lissaman


Lords of Nurroth will be out around April 2014 and both Songs of the Mystics and Awakening of Asuria will make an appearance later in the year. As usual, available on iOS and Android. 🙂

Join us for more gamebook guesswork tomorrow when we open the eighth door of The Twelve Days of Gamebooks!

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