…The Way of the Tiger!

When people discuss 80s gamebooks, there are a number of usual suspects that turn up consistently as favourites. The Way of the Tiger series by Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson is part of that group and we’re absolutely delighted to say that we’ll be bringing this 6-book series to digital platforms over 2014 and 2015!


You are Avenger, a Ninja warrior, worshipper of Kwon, Supreme Master of Unarmed Combat. Trained in the Way of the Tiger, you are now an outstanding master of the martial arts, ready to use your deadly skills to overtun evil and to avenge the death of your foster-father, Naijishi.

If you’re not aware of the series, The Way of the Tiger uses a complex dice and skill-based gamebook system. Your character can choose from a range of abilities to help them progress through the story as well as harnessing the power of Inner Force, a chi-like energy to inflict greater damage on enemies and objects. You also get the ability to throw shuriken, spit poison needles and even garotte your opponents! The big advancement for this series relative to other 80s gamebooks was the combat, which is played out like an interactive narrative version of Street Fighter. When fighting enemies, you get to choose from a range of kicks, punches and throws, with names like Cobra Strike and Leaping Tiger! Using these different moves in combination adapts the fight narrative itself, offering up different styles of fighting.

The ink is barely dry on the contract and we have lots of decisions to make regarding how we will be presenting the series. One thing is for certain is that we’ll be using our new gamebook engine* as we feel what we have planned with that will better suit the WOTT style of gamebook, especially the combats. If you are impatient for some ninja action then please do check out the recent kickstarter to revive the series in paper form. A prequel to Avenger! and a sequel to Inferno! have also been written!

This is a VERY exciting project for us and we really want to knock the ball out of the park (or hurl the shuriken out of the temple – sorry). We’ll reveal more information as we have it over the year, but we can say that we plan to release Avenger! and Assassin! concurrently, with the rest of the series not far behind.

Join us for more gamebook reveals when we open the ninth door of The Twelve Days of Gamebooks very soon!

* Wait. What? New gamebook engine? Yes, a new gamebook engine! Keep your eyes peeled for more info in a matter of days.

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